kelly plus baekhyun 4ever

youngjis  asked:

idk why im asking this. to spice up ur blog life???? do you find baekhyun more attractive while being cute and doing aegyo or when he's being ~manly and like having neck veins, wearing suits and talking about what girls like and how to treat them? (or baekhyun as fake skater boy bc snapback king)

idk why you’re asking me this either but i love you for it!!! i’m not quite sure how to answer though? i mean i literally love baekhyun no matter what and i find all sides of him attractive… i guess i generally am more ~starry eyed~ when he acts cute, because cute is totally my type and his precious adorable puppy face has brought me to tears several times (lmao, i wish i was joking). but then manly!baek is also hnnnnnnnng and makes my heart race and when he talks about girls or acts greasy it’s even better. ;A;

BUT THEN SKATER BOY BAEK OH MY GODDDD idk i have like a guilty pleasure for skaters (in middle school having a dreamy skater boy boyfriend was my LIFE’S ASPIRATION) so whenever he wears snapbacks i can’t help but giggle like a schoolgirl. my favorite attire for him is def like, plaid flannels and snapbacks and hipster glasses (like this or this or this) because holy moly, ideals. pls be my bf. :<

this is getting ridiculously long and pathetic sounding but just to add onto this, i think my favorite baek by far is when he’s being a total dumbass. i find it extremely endearing when he’s doing stupid shit like light switch dances and barking like dogs (can u say ringtone) and this. he always makes me laugh and he’s such a dumb shit and i love it. ♡♡♡♡♡