kelly no. 2

Trip To Jamaica

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~Chapter 2 - Kelly~
As much as I tried to calm myself down, before I stepped through that door… There wasn’t a chance to NOT having to deal with nerves, when the only thing you’ve got on your mind are questions.
“Kelly! Hi! It’s great you made it.”
“Hi.” I said rather shy. No surprise, because right next to Jeff sat no one else than Harry Styles himself! How could you not get shy and shocked and everything all at the same time?!
“I’m Jeff. This is Harry.”
Shake hands with Harry…Sure, no big deal! My whole body was SHAKING!
“Please take a seat. I know, you didn’t get a lot of information and that’s my fault, so… Let me quickly walk you through why you’re here.”
Jeff’s secretary was walking around, what felt like for ages, before we’re all served and she left the room.
“Well…The thing is…Harry’s gonna work in his solo album soon.”
“I saw your videos…Your vlog is great. I really love the settings and the content of your work.”
I couldn’t stop a proud smile creeping onto my lips.
“Thank you very much. I know, some of the videos are a bit chaotic and I might not been able to shut up about certain people… In the good and not so good way.”

Some little pieces of exactly these videos came back to me right then and there. I felt my eyes getting bigger and bigger and I felt a shiver washing over me. “Oh my gosh! Did I say something bad? Did I spread any kind of rumor? I hate all these tabloids, so if I did, I’m very sorry and I know, I couldn’t shut up about how upset I was, after Zayn left One Direction, how hurt and sad I felt and then, what kind of anger I felt about it….But…Seriously… I never thought any of you would ever come across a video of mine.” I literally rambled without thinking about of the simple fact that I need air…Obviously, I didn’t but my brain. And I believe, I just shut that one down, because just with a little delay I processed, what I’d just said.
“Oh, I saw these two videos.” Harry said. “Don’t worry about it. Zayn leaving wasn’t easy for us. Not for us as a band for sure and certainly not for the fans. I absolutely understand your feelings, but you can trust me, when I say…That’s not the reason you’re here. And I also know, you had a bit of trouble to place the name of a sponsor.”
I laughed, happy to drop the theme of my breakdown on camera after Zayn departed from the band.
“Oh yeah…Well, I didn’t had a sponsor since then, but I’ve got better. I also send them an apology and the funniest outcome of that was… That they liked the video the way it was. As chaotic and forgetful I was with mentioning their name. I mean, I’d placed it in the video afterwards, but still…” I shook my head. “Okay, so…I am relieved to know, that my 1D-based videos aren’t a problem for you and that they aren’t the main reason why I’m here. So, why am I here?”
“We made kind of a secret out of it, because it is a secret. You have to promise and also sign some papers that you will stay quiet about it. Anyway, of you’re up for it, or not.”, Jeff explained.
I only nodded. I had no idea how to respond.
“I’m gonna go to Jamaica, to properly be away from everything, to just be able to write and find the style of music I want to put in my album. Some of my team, my band…And Ben -Ben Winston - is gonna come with me. He’s gonna turn this journey from starting with the album till it’s finished, into a documentary. A movie for Apple Music.”
“Wow…” I starred at these two men on the other side of the table, one more time, speechless.
“Okay, I get it…But still…Why am I here? I mean, I am not really important. I’m an office clerk which happens to run a YouTube channel…And if there’s Ben who’s gonna film it all. Why do you need me?”
“There’s the movie on one side, but on the other…I would like to have you vlog it. Not everything and of course, you’ll have some free time, that’s no question, but I would like to have some ‘vlogging moments’ in the movie, which we can’t plan out or whatever, just to have it all really naturally. I want the album to be honest, the movie should be honest and if a vlogging camera is gonna help to capture even more moments like that, it’s perfect.”
“Okay…Give me a second…”, I said and thought all of these information. Not longer than a heartbeat.
“You ask me to come to your office…”, I said to Jeff. “Because Harry likes my videos…You’re telling me, you’ll go to Jamaica and you want to have a vlogger with you…”
I said to Harry. They both nodded.
“And I’m actually gonna get a paid holiday? Like…You know I am actually married to my camera. That’s not a job for me!” “But?” Harry asked and raised an eyebrow.
“I do have a job…I mean…”
“Kelly, we would love to have you with us.” Jeff interrupted me. “It’s absolutely clear, you need to check on it all. The band and the people which will be a part of this trip gonna meet up in three days to talk it all through…What’s gonna be needed to be packed up, passport and everything. If you’ll be here for the meeting, you’re more than welcomed to join us on the trip. But after this meeting, we’ll have everything booked, so…You’ve got these three days to decide.”
I giggled. “Oh trust me. If it’s only on me, I’d already be at home packing. Of course, I’d come with you to Jamaica, that’s no question for me.”
It really wasn’t, but there was so much more onto saying ‘YES, I’m with all of you on this plane to Jamaica’, than just signing some papers and getting ready to vlog every day for about a month.


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