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• No Problem (feat. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz) - Chance The Rapper

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Monkey Gibbons … aka Arthur Kelly, George’s childhood best friend who George started The Rebels with in the fifties. 

The photo on the left is Arthur Kelly playing ‘Monkey Gibbons’ in (Brit soap) Coronation Street, c. June 1976 (screenshots from Corrie 21st June 1976, episode 1610), and with Eddie Yeats (Geoffrey Hughes) on the right. Sorry the photos are so small, literally the only pictures I could find! 

Trivia: In the soap, Monkey Gibbons best friend was Eddie Yeats, who was played by Geoffrey Hughes (pictured here in Corrie with Arthur). Geoffrey Hughes was the voice of Paul in Yellow Submarine (among many other acting credits). 


Kelly settled back in Nick’s lap, cocking his head and frowning as he stared at the ragged sock monkey. He was about twenty inches tall, with a scraggly tail and gangly arms and legs, and big ears that had more often than not been used as handles. He had at one time sported white, green, and orange stripes, with a little blue and green beanie and blue puffs for buttons, but the colors were fading and dirty and the button puffs were long gone.

Kelly had always been vaguely disturbed by the look on its face, especially after they’d had to sew up his left eye and Kelly was used to stitching humans, not monkeys. But Eli had loved him and carried Seymour with him wherever they went, including into battle. He’d stick him in his back pocket or his pack, depending on where they were. When the monkey had taken a piece of shrapnel to the eye – and saved Eli’s ass in the process – Eli had ordered a purple heart ribbon to sew onto his beanie so everyone would know Seymour was a combat veteran.

They’d taken pictures of him at various landmarks around the world, sometimes risking life and limb and jail time in order to position him. It had always been their understanding that Seymour was to continue traveling even after Eli’s death, until he had seen the world.

- Part & Parcel

I’ll have miniature Seymours as swag at GRL in San Diego. They have hooks so they’re easier to attach to your stuff than Eli’s Seymour was. I won’t have many, maybe 20 or so, but since Seymour the Sock Monkey won’t be in a published book by the time October comes around, it’s a safe bet that not many readers are going to know who he is. So if you’re a minion who hangs out on my Tumblr and you’ll be at GRL, you’ll have a pretty good chance to grab a baby Seymour of your own.

(It’s a little-known fact that baby Seymores have spots. They don’t earn their stripes until they grow up.)