kelly monaco


Hi, my name is Jason Thompson and I’ve been called out to do the ice bucket challenge on several occasions. I haven’t actually done the water over my head, and there’s a reason for that! Every time I leave General Hospital, my hair and make up always looks so good I don’t want to ruin that. So I skipped the water and went straight to donating, and I encourage you do to the same thing. (x)



Kelly: They did not show me arguing with him for 30 minutes not to do it. because it defy gravity

Val: She putted negative emotions into the universe *laughs*

Kelly: It was impossible. I was like please show me one person on the planet that can actually do this. Anyways i did it anyway and I have two ribs out of place,and i have a lump in my chest and i couldn’t breathe for a day, but i am fine.

Val: I felt bad. I would be the first to admit, that i am not good with the tricks. I have never done them in my competitive years. I’ve always been about the dance and just comunication, chemistry, relationships on the floor. I was never about the cheese and all the cherries on top. I was more about the filling. But i tried you know, and i thought thats what people wanted to see in a marathon and you know i learned my lesson *laughs*