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Whoniverse: Class Appreciation Week – Day 5 – Favorite Relationship: Quill and Charlie

They are both victims of circumstance.  She is more of a victim than he.  He has the power–a power that he has no qualms about abusing.  He doesn’t see her or acknowledge her as a person.  But he never asked for this.  They are bound together against both their wishes.  The arn forced them together.

But it runs much deeper than the arn.  The minute the Shadow Kin attacked Rhodia–when both their worlds were destroyed–a new bond was forged between them.  The histories of their people and the nature of her enslavement prevented either of them from recognizing it on a conscious level, but it was there: an inextricable link–a bond stronger and deeper than the arn.  The bond of survivors.  The bond of two people with no choice but to live with the sacrifice.

I saved you. And I saved you. 

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Don't you feel like Cas is getting smaller? I mean, I was sure before that he and Dean where almost the same heigh but Dean was a little taller than him, and last episode when I saw them standing in front of each Dean looked a lot more taller than Cas

That’s an interesting question. IRL, Misha is a strapping lad [183 cm], only 3 cm shorter than Jensen [186 cm] (and, well, much shorter than Jared [193 cm], but then again, isn’t everyone?), but the show has a habit of framing him so he looks a bit smaller than that.

Like, this is them IRL -

- and here is a normal shot from S12.

There are, of course, a number of reasons to cheat with how tall or short actors are, and some have to do with the general framing of the scene, not with the narrative itself. That said, you’re right - this SPN 12x19 thing was almost ridiculously out of proportion.

And the thing is, this is deliberate and meaningful, especially if we consider how carefully arranged other shots in this episode were - from Kelly’s face disappearing into the dark mirror (making her a identity-less baby bump) from Dean and Cas isolated inside that circle, Amanda Tapping has been super attentive and done a wonderful job. In this case, what is most apparent is the symmetry (two groups, isolated down the middle), the white light between Dean and Cas (which draws the attention of the viewer, is in the dead centre of the scene and also a perfect symbol of that distance forming between them), and the almost perfect descent in height of the characters themselves.

This creates a very neat visual effect and it messes with our psychology, because traditionally in Western visual arts the winners go left to right (it’s possible this has to do with our writing system, since in Etruscan art, it’s the opposite way around), as you can see on every Greek vase ever painted -

- but here, even though Cas has just defeated Dagon, we know something is not right and we know Sam and Dean are the ones being reasonable, so our brains instantly go, Wait, what? and this straight line from Sam to Kelly makes things even worse, because it’s a strong indication that there’s some kind of falling down and degeneration involved, and it makes Cas and Kelly look like they’re wrong BUT THEY’RE ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE FRAME (*siren blaring*) and there’s an office inside your brain that’s busy busy busy trying to unscramble wtf is going on.

But - and here is where the magic happens - if you frame this shot in the ‘right’ way, the meaning changes and the thing becomes much less effective.

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Because the devil’s around me so much
That you would think I got a death wish,
Yeah, and the voices in my head get louder,
Watchin’ my career disappear like powder, poof!
Wish I could rewind those hours and get my life back.
—  Machine Gun Kelly hit me right in the soul.

i read a post about how jack and winnie are from the same era and i cried thinking what if they were childhood friends


I guess we make a really good team.

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five things you’ll find in my bag

  1. earphones
  2. my wallet
  3. a pic of jimin my milk tea card
  4. car keys
  5. haikyuu charms

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  1. Panda plushies
  2. kpop/aesthetic/gaming posters
  3. kpop albums
  4. jcrew
  5. A L O T of makeup

five things i’ve always wanted to do:

  1. become plat on overwatch
  2. meet jk films
  3. get another corgi and name it tofu or mochi
  4. go to a kpop concert
  5. date kelly 

five things that make me feel happy:

  1. jimin
  2. vindictus
  3. filling my pasport with stamps
  4. talk shit get hit eat crew
  5. corgis

five things i’m currently into:

  1. Kendrick Lamar and kpop (BTS) but like everyone too
  2. calligraphy
  3. collecting washi tapes
  4. black haired jimin
  5. megan

five things on my to-do list:

  1. get my friends to watch west world
  2. train my dog
  3. play vindi before new update happens
  4. cleaning my room
  5. college


I have no friends irl and online so…..

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