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If this doesn’t convince fans to get the new Celtic Thunder Live DVD, then…


EDGE OF SEVENTEEN TAG- made by @alwaysimming & @our-dazed-sims

so here is my two babies in high school!! they were such frickin dweebs, and i couldn’t help myself when the prom option was presented to me. imagine them at prom? frickin wild. some pics of just them are below the cut, but im so glad i was tagged in this by @sycsh !! 

i’ll tag anyone who really wants to do it, honestly its so much fun!

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Star Trek Books on Sale

Currently the Legacies Trilogy is on sale $1.99 each and a few other titles as well.  Links below the images! 

Captain to Captain

Best Defense 

Purgatory’s Key

Other Titles:

Original Series

Shadows On the Sun

The Weight of Worlds

Unspoken Truth - $2.99

A Choice of Catastrophes

The Lost Years

The Empty Chair - $2.99 

Deep Space Nine


Twist of Faith - $2.99

The Haunted Seas: Mission Gamma Omnibus -$4.99


Distant Shores Anthology 


Myriad Universes #1

The Art of Star Trek

From Sawdust to Stardust: The Biography of DeForest Kelley, Star Trek’s Dr. McCoy

anonymous asked:

So in 12x23 (or was it 12x22?) Crowley says something about that he'll close the gates of hell if Sam and Dean help him (I can't remember fully, it's been a few days) - my question is, do you think that they (mainly Sam and Dean and also Cas) would close the gates of hell? Like, is this set out to be a storyline or was I just something that was mentioned and to be glossed over?

Hey Nonny Nonny! 

It is indeed in 12x23 that Crowley says that and no, I do not believe it was mentioned in order for it to be glossed over. In fact, I kind of expect the closing of the gates of Heaven and Hell to either be endgame for the narrative, or at least serve some greater PUSH into endgame.

If they mean to use Jack’s powers as actual endgame (completely depending on whether my hunch is right and they really are winding down the narrative) then closing the gates up top and below means restoring the balance to the world.

Now, I believe the only being in the universe (apart from Chuck, possibly, but I just had an interesting chat with @super-sootica about the role of Chuck and she pointed out that perhaps he’s not as omnipotent as he once was, which makes sense, and raises the stakes, because then Jack truly is the Grandson who has inherited it all from Granddad and oh, wouldn’t that be awesome??) if Jack’s the only being in the universe powerful enough to perform the feat of closing all the gates, throwing in a few miracles to boot, and taking dick-angels and meat-suited demons out of the equation, leaving hunters and supernatural earth-bound critters to their own devices, well then that would be the perfect bookend for the show. Yes? Yes!

Because the boys (the boys are TFW here), whose actions have let Lucifer out of the cage twice and whose choices have always upset the balance of the universe one way or another, will get CLOSURE and a reward for all they’ve done to try and bring that balance back to order. Which they deserve! No? YES!

So Sam, Dean and Cas would absolutely be integral to closing the gates of Hell and of Heaven, too, but I see them working through Jack here. (If I’m right) (this is ALL SPECULATION) If they parent Jack - which we know they will!!!!! (calm down) (sorry) (not sorry) - teaching him, leading him down the righteous path, keeping him away from evil influences (Lucifer) (though I, as @tinkdw proclaims, hope too that he’s redeemed in the end or dies for Jack) then, when TFW get to be Hunter Daddies (omfg I cannot believe they’re going to parent him together) (FUCKING HELL DREAM COME TRUE) (ok calming down) they will bring the influence of humanity to Jack, the sense of love and compassion, the legacy of Kelly which has been left within Jack, and by bringing that side to him out GOOD THINGS WILL COME TO PASS!

I don’t know exactly how or when, but I do believe Jack is key. Whether this plot line is closing this season, or S14, or whether the BMoL might make a resurgence for the end of the series, most likely after the Jack story line has already been dealt with as that is the story line they’re dealing with this season and it makes no real sense to drag this Big Bad Threat out for years and years (that’s not how they do anyway), then there may be a war between Hunters and the BMoL as the BMoL is effectively trying to destroy their world. Which way they’ll do it, I’ve no clue! Could there be other ways of doing it? Fuck yes with the Alternate Realities on the table. But the writers have set themselves up with elements to actually TIE EVERYTHING BACK TO THE BEGINNING in a very neat, precise and yet deeply emotionally complex way and I’m just happy to be along for the ride! :)

Hope that answered your question and I do apologise for the long wait! I thank you for your patience! I give you S4!Cas as a GIF-t. ;)

Originally posted by subcas

Speak for yourself, S4!Castiel. I perch regularly, thank you very much. And did Dean ask you to perch? Or did you just ASSUME he expected you to? Because it is rather presumptuous of you ohhhhh… I see. I see I see I see. YOU’RE a percher, too. You WANT to perch on Dean’s shoulder, but you fear rejection. This is your Thelma and Louise moment, isn’t it, Cas? Where you say one thing, but mean the other? This is where it begins! OMG the LIES! Do you even realise that you are LYING to YOURSELF? You in-complete-denial PERCHER! COME OUT AND PERCH, CAS! WE LOVE PERCHING! WE THRIVE ON IT!

I wish Adam’s entire family joined the Garde because think of the possibilities

-Kelly and Five getting together and Adam getting all protective of his younger sister
-Ivan and Nine both being like FIGHT ME
-Malcolm being like really intimidated by the General at first but turns out they bond over fatherhood and how their sons are both badass nerds
-I feel like Ivan and Eight would find each other hilarious and end up being best friends
-Kelly tells everyone embarrassing stories about Adam
-Adam’s mom totally kicks Nine’s ass in training

anonymous asked:

Sidewinder and Zane, if you could or had the opportunity, would you like to live in another country? Because of the weather, the culture or... ?

Zane: I prefer visiting other countries and coming back home.

Ty: I’ve been to six of the seven continents. I’ve been to more countries than most people ever have the opportunity to visit. I loved aspects of almost everywhere I went, but the States are home. I wouldn’t move.

Nick: I’d live in Ireland in a fucking heartbeat. 

Kelly: The culture and legacy of the southwest is something I embraced at an early age. Hence the six-shooter on my hip that I got when I was 18. I’m not sure anywhere else would ever feel right long-term. Hell, even Boston feels a little foreign.

Nick: Goddammit, Doc.