kelly kelly wwe

If you’re bitching about Kelly Kelly potentially returning because she was “just eye candy”, which ignores how WWE’s treatment of women during that time period directly contributed to that, then kindly stop calling yourself a supporter of women’s wrestling. 

Because you’re a fucking liar. 


Everyone please watch this. Get the divas to see it. Get Steph too see it. Get Triple H to see it. Get Vince to see it. These women are so valuable and they have sacrificed so much. They deserve a change. Something needs to be done immediately.

Me: “It’s not fair that people are unfairly judging Kelly Kelly’s return because it absolves WWE of any guilt in their treatment of the women during her era, which didn’t allow for much improvement in their wrestling ability. To not acknowledge this is to not acknowledge a huge obstacle in the evolution of women’s wrestling.”

Y’all dumbasses (two in particular): “Yeah, but she can’t wrestle!! Can you name a good Kelly Kelly match??? No, you can’t!!!”