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I’ll do anything to protect my little brother!

My sad Brothers!AU where Felix was the first Chat Noir and passed on his ring to his younger brother, Adrien, after he died.

Second and third image is of the duo in the past and present. Ladybug started crime fighting before Adrien and was originally partners with Felix. Two years later, Ladybug was introduced to the new Chat Noir.

I imagine Felix to be around 3-4 years older than Adrien since the anime trailer came out 3 years before the 3D show


Les Dessinateur Fan Ending

I am a huge fan of the show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir and my favorite episode so far is “Le Dessinateur” where Marinette’s classmate, Nathanaël, becomes an akuma villain. This video is set the next day in class after Ladybug/Marinette cleanses Nathanaël’s akuma and turns him back to normal. So to understand what’s happening here, I highly recommend watching “Le Dessinateur” first! Check out mlsubbing for subbed episodes!

I felt really bad for Nathanaël since he was bullied by Chloe AND his teacher in front of his entire class and didn’t get much closure in the end. So I created my own ending to that episode for fun to help me practice boarding and here it is! This is my first time doing all out boards and I’m proud of myself for finishing it! :D

Characters belong to Zagtoon

Bonus (watch “Le Bulleur”):

oh Adrien you clueless boy <3