kelly is bored


- usually pictures of his art, finished or not
- also him and davey screwing around
- it’s really cute tbh
- doesn’t do streaks bc he thinks they’re annoying
- if he’s on vacation or at an art museum, etc, get ready for a flood of pictures oh my god

- doesn’t post a whole lot on a daily basis
- uses filters like a damn champion
- when he and jack go places there’s a lot of pictures of them just hanging out
- sometimes cares abt streaks but usually doesn’t
- will save conversations
- everybody agrees he does the best job and ironically takes snapchat somewhat seriously

- has a streak with race that’s close to a year long
- he’s very proud of it
- really doesn’t post to his story all that much unless he’s out somewhere special
- which means he just sends everything to everyone
- there has been a collective effort to get him to stop his but despite jack’s and race’s best efforts he has not changed

- tries to keep streaks but doesn’t bc none of his friends care besides spot and kath
- when bottle-flipping was a big thing you better believe that was on his story at least once daily
- it annoyed everybody and they were glad when he stopped
- he’ll always post pictures of food he makes bc everyone knows racetrack higgins takes cooking seriously

that’s all for now! i could do other forms of social media or other characters if you want! just let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with!


Some modern au Newsie stuff, the first one was inspired by

this post

by fanhauser. The second one by


by newsies-in-onesies (I’m doing more for this one later btw) The rest are just bored sketches.

Confession:  Jack is my favorite romance in the games. Liara feels pushed, Ash never lives past Virmire, Miranda doesn’t seem interested other than the fact that she could bang a legend, Tali feels like a little sister, Kelly is boring, Cortez just needs a friend, Samara is loyal to her code, Morinth kills you. There’s no sex scene for Jack it’s just you and her cuddling and her crying implying she tells you a lot of things about herself. She stops being a cold loner and mom’s the hell out of the Grissom Academy students demanding Shepard places them on a defensive unit so they won’t die.


In 1993, 16-year-old Kelly Anne Bates left school and moved in with her boyfriend of two years, introducing him to her parents as 32-year-old “Dave Smith.” What they didn’t know was that his real name was James Patterson Smith, a 48-year-old man with a lengthy history of domestic violence. When Kelly visited home, her parents noticed that she appeared to have lost weight and looked unclean. Most worryingly, Kelly often bore bruises and bite marks, which she dismissed as accidental. Kelly became increasingly withdrawn, until contact was eventually cut off, save for a few cards, which were suspiciously not written in Kelly’s handwriting.

On April 16, 1996, Smith entered a local police station, spinning a story about an argument in the bath tub which had resulted in his girlfriend accidentally drowning. Upon arrival at the home, it soon became evident that this story was fabricated and that Kelly’s death was anything but accidental. Kelly was found in a bedroom, naked and horrifically mutilated. Her blood was found in every single room in the house and over 150 separate injuries on her body were identified during a post-mortem examination.

In the last month of her life, Kelly had been kept locked in the house, tied by her hair to the radiator or restrained by a ligature around her neck. She had been starved and denied water in the days leading up to her death. The horrific injuries inflicted on Kelly included burns on her thighs from a hot iron, partial scalping, scalding to her thighs and buttocks, and the mutilation of her ears, face and genitals. Her arms, hands, legs, and kneecaps had been crushed, rendering her unable to walk. Perhaps the most gruesome and disturbing aspect of this case is the fact that Kelly’s eyes had been gouged out somewhere between 5 days and 3 weeks prior to her death. The extensive stab wounds found on Kelly’s body included stab wounds to her empty eye sockets and the inside of her mouth. Kelly was eventually put out of her misery, beaten unconscious with a shower head and then drowned in the bath tub.

Smith continued to deny murder, but did admit to abusing Kelly, claiming she often inflicted injuries upon herself to make the abuse look worse. Smith’s excuse for torturing Kelly was that she’d provoked him into doing so, daring him to do it. A jury found him guilty within an hour and he was sentenced to life imprisonment. The photographs of the crime scene and Kelly’s body were so horrific that jurors were offered counselling.

Kit Kat

Summary: Before the 1st season of Supernatural airs, Jensen meets the reader at his talent agency in LA.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,508

M&M’s. Snickers. Butterfingers. Reese Peanut Butter Cups. You name it. If it’s fucking chocolate, you’ll eat it. You’re a stress eater. You’re stressed. And there’s not one God damn piece of candy left in your bag.

“Y/N! Get in here!” You hear your boss Eileen yell from inside her office.

You stand up quickly and smooth out your dress. You don’t know why you bother, you’re just a measly intern. But your mom said to dress for the job you want instead of the job you have. So here you are. Ugh. Thanks, mom.

“Yes?” You try to say as confidently as possible.

“Where are the press packets I asked you to get? I need them asap! Clients are coming in and out all day today.” She snaps looking irritated.

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