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The Signs As Famous Dance Moms Quotes

Aries: ‘’I cut my finger on my moms ring i hope i can still dance’’

Taurus: ‘’Abby doesn’t look like a model to me’’

Gemini: ‘’I don’t wanna go on broadway, all I wanna do is just stay home and eat chips’’

Cancer: ‘’Girls, what are you doing? Those legs are about as straight as Elton John’’

Leo: ‘’Stop eating that’s why you’re fat’’

Virgo: ‘’I would give Abby a three month trail membership to weight watchers if i were to give her a gift. It’s the gift that keeps on giving’’

Libra: ‘’I have more dirt on you than a broom’’

Scorpio: ‘’This is going to cost a lot of money in therapy!’’

Sagittarius: ‘’McDonald’s has a hamburger with your name on it’’

Capricorn: ‘’When can Kendall get a solo? When does Kendall get a special part?’’

Aquarius: ‘’I don’t even like dancing i’m just here because my mom said she would buy me tacos’’

Pisces: ‘’It doesn’t matter about dance, it matters about me. I’m emotional!’’

I think the producers focused so much on making Brooke seem like a miserable teenager, that people overlooked just how respectful and kind she was while on the show. Actually, both of Kelly’s kids always said thank you when leaving a private, always seemed super respectful…it’s a damn shame they didn’t get half that respect back. Brooke was extremely caring to the girls, when I can only imagine she had other priorities, like being with her friends and people her age. Brooke and Paige were always the first to offer a shoulder to cry on or a friendly hug. It really angers me that once they left, Abby decided to forbid the remaining girls from speaking to them, but more so that they actually listened (minus Chloe). I don’t care how old you are, you don’t just completely cut someone out of your life when it’s the wrong thing to do and they are good people. As a parent, you don’t allow that to happen either.  I also think Abby should have never made this against Brooke and Paige, regardless of the history she has had with Kelly…it was her and Kelly’s history and it had nothing to do with the girls. She shouldn’t, as an adult, ever tell a child to never speak to another child. It’s awful, it’s bullying, it’s alienation, and it’s an awful thing to do. I can only imagine the lies she had fed Maddie with in regards to Brooke. Maddie has openly stated in the beginning of the show that she looked up to and admired BrookeAbby couldn’t have that. She manipulates and controls Maddie so much and it’s truly sad. It’s so psychologically wrong to do that to a child mentally.

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Happy birthday Brooke! You inspire us all every day to push harder and try better. You’re an inspiration to all aspiring dancers and we all hope that this is the best birthday you’ve ever had!

Alright, so I KNOW that Brooke’s birthday isn’t until the end of January. But I figured this gives us enough time to plan this. From now until January 30th, you have to reblog/like this post as many times as possible to get it as many notes as possible! Then on January 30th (Brooke’s birthday), we can screenshot this post and tweet it to her&kelly as many times to get her to see it to show Brooke how much we appreciate her & look up to her! Are you guys in?


Here is a long video of the Hylands meet and greet in New Jersey the other day!

Kelly does talk about how Abby does not allow the girls to keep in touch, which is just heartbreaking because they were friends for so long. Paige then says that Chloe breaks the rule and they talk once in a while.

Paige also mentioned they are not allowed to dance right now for another studio…which stands as long as the original contract stated…which is awful, that Abby is not allowing them to dance, even in another dance season…unrelated to the show. Kelly says that is why she is fighting the contract, because she wants her girls to be able to dance elsewhere next dance season.

Kelly also says that Brooke’s dance competitors isn’t ever shown on TV because those people are not contracted and can’t be seen on TV…says that Brooke had a lot of solos that never aired because of this. She is the oldest so her competition was older and they never showed the portions of that on TV.

Brooke says that Abby does not allow Chloe, Paige and her to do the meet and greets, which is why they do them on their own. Which actually had made them more money in the long run.

Kelly says you probably see 10% of how awful Abby actually is to the girls.

They are not ever going back to Abby’s studio. Kelly says she has left the studio before the show started…and they didn’t dance there, except for the dance moms TV show for filming. Which is really interesting. This is what Chloe is doing now…but the Hylands have apparently left before filming started and have been trying to get out of the show since season 1.

Kelly says Christi is the only one she talks to and that she was great in watching the kids after the whole fiasco with the fight went down.

Paige says her favorite stores are Nordstrom, Target, Victoria Secret, TJ Maxx, Marshalls.

Brooke has an audition for a movie this weekend, that she is unsure of if she wants to do (Kelly teases her about it).

Paige says she doesn’t really miss dancing on the show, but misses the girls. She said it was a lot of work and emotionally hard.

Mondays were supposed to be days off, but Abby did not actually allow it. Pyramid apparently takes 3 hours to film. This is kind of against child labor laws in my opinion…and it’s outside of the show.

Brooke talks about how she always looks miserable…and says she is actually the craziest one of all of them, and that she is portrayed as miserable. One time she said she non-stopped smiled for the entire pyramid filming and on TV they still showed her not smiling….for the two seconds she stopped.

Brooke says she is interested in gymnastics. This may be a workaround to being able to keep up with her stretching and tumbling since she can’t dance elsewhere. Since Abby is not allowing them to dance, this is a way they could be able to get around it, since gymnastics is not dance.

Paige said Abby and Cathy used to be close friends. Brooke has been asked to demonstrate at Candy Apples before the show and thought Vivi.

Brooke says she is still very flexible. She says her back isn’t as flexible, but that it happens with age.

Paige says she still has the same friends and people don’t treat her different because she has gone to the same school since kindergarten.

Kelly says she used to be flexible like Brooke…then she does the split and says that people can’t laugh if her pants rip.

Paige’s favorite trio on the show was pin up girls and Mr. Touchdown that she did with Chloe and her brother.

Brooke says it was fun to go to the Teen Choice awards, she missed dancing, but doesn’t miss dancing so much that she was doing homework at all hours of the night.

Kelly says she got to spend time with her girls more and that they all got close and Paige and Brooke got close to each other as well thanks to the show.

Paige says that Brooke needs driving lessons and almost killed her (jokingly).

Brooke says Kelly is obsessed with edits and has a ton of them saved on her phone, mostly ones of Chloe and Maddie :)

Kelly says fans have pictures that she hasn’t even seen herself.

Random: Paige’s laugh <3 Missed it.