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Why limit ourselves to MacDennis? Why not CharlieMacDennis? OT3 it up, my dudes. CharlieMacDennis where Mac and Dennis try to help Charlie better his life because they, I mean as much as they can, like him enough to want to see him not die before the age of 45. CharlieMacDennis where, every time Mac gets caught in a fight he probably can’t win, Charlie jumps in and does some crazy shit that scares whoever has been giving Mac a hard time away. And when Dennis is dealing with the every day stresses of his life on top of his issues with his body and aging, Charlie can swoop in with some random drug or a case of beer or something and just sits with him, silently supporting him, or well as silent as Charlie can be (I mean, Dennis was really into that weird dance Charlie was doing so maybe he can do that, I don’t know).

So, like, yeah CharlieMacDennis.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas - Connor McDavid

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“Baby, I’m really sorry I don’t think I can make it home.” your boyfriend sighed over Skype. “I wanted to really badly, but with all the snow, our flight out of here got cancelled or really delayed or something and-”

“Connor, you don’t have to apologize.” you said, trying to hide how disappointed you were. Not even in him. In Mother Nature for being a bitch this way. “It’s not your fault Mama Nature’s throwing a temper tantrum to rival last years’ Snowmageddon.”

“Still, I know how badly you want me home and since my parents and brother flew in and you’re my girlfriend and… You’re not the only one who wants me home. I do, too.”

“I know, baby.” you sighed. “I know you want to be home with your family and me. And who knows? Maybe a miracle’ll happen.”

“We can only hope.” he replied. “(Y/N), baby, I gotta go, Ebbers stole Nuge’s toque and I gotta take care of these nerds.”

“Okay, baby. I hope I’ll see you soon.”

“You too.” he said. “Say hi to my folks and Cam for me.”

“You know I will.” you smiled.

“Thank you, love.” he smiled. “I love you. I promise I’ll try to be home for Christmas.”

“I love you more, babe” you said, blowing him a kiss before the call ended.

You sighed and checked the clock. 10 AM where you were in Edmonton on Christmas Eve with snow piled high in the entirety of the country. Edmonton was no exception. Connor’s parents and brother barely made it in on time before the snow started a couple days ago. And since Connor was on a roadie, there would obviously be some form of difficulty in getting back to Edmonton, Christmas or not.

You heard the door downstairs.

“(Y/N)! We’re back!” you heard Connor’s mother, Kelly, exclaim downstairs. “Had to go while the roads were newly plowed!”

You sighed and got up, heading downstairs to be greeted by the three other McDavids. “Hey everyone. Grocery shopping go well?”

“Well, we got what we needed, but I’m about 80% certain the milk’s frozen. Even if we had the heater on in the car.” Connor’s dad, Brian, noted. This made you smile.

“Did you hear from Connie?” Cam, Connor’s brother, asked.

You sighed. “I did. The snow both here and there’s crazy. I don’t think he’ll make it home tonight. Maybe not even tomorrow. Possibly Boxing Day.”

Kelly sighed. “Well, let’s just hope there’s some form of Christmas miracle in the works. He hates missing holidays and I know he misses home. I know this is important to you, dear. It’s supposed to be your first Christmas together.”

“Yeah… I guess we can only hope now, huh?” you noted, going to the kitchen to assist with unpacking the groceries. “Here, let me help with those.”

“Thank you, dear.” Kelly said with a smile as she took a bag of small potatoes and put them in the pantry. You grabbed the carrots, cheese, and the asparagus and put them in the fridge.

After the groceries were all put away, you went back upstairs to yours and Connor’s room, lying down on the bed and putting the TV on. It was playing The Santa Claus, one of yours and Connor’s favorites. You smiled and curled up into the blanket as Tim Allen failed at cooking a turkey

You got a text and saw it was Connor, feeling hopeful, you opened it to see a picture outside the window of what seemed to be a building. The whole of the outside world was painted white, flurries plastered to the window and distorting the picture a little.

“Why?” was all he captioned the picture with.

“Mother Nature’s a wicked woman.” was all you replied with. “I hope this clears up soon. I wanna see you, baby.”

“I wanna see you too.” he sent. “I miss you. I miss my family. I want to be home for Christmas, baby.”

“And maybe something will happen and you will be.”

“I can only hope. I love you, baby.”

“I love you too.”


“You’re still awake?” you heard Kelly ask from the stairs. “Honey, it’s nearly midnight.”

“Kelly, I… I just know he’ll be here. I promise. If he doesn’t show by midnight, I’ll go to bed.”


“I promise.” you said, bartering like a child who wanted to be up for just a few minutes more. “Please?”

Kelly sighed. “Alright. You do you. I just want you to know I’m worried for you. I know that this Christmas was supposed to be the first of hopefully many, but… Sometimes, things change. And there’s always next year, sweetheart.”

“I know, but… I’m holding out for something. Some kind of miracle. Maybe Santa decided to stop and give him a ride, I don’t know.”

Kelly smiled. “We can only hope. I’m going back to bed. Goodnight, (Y/N).”

“Goodnight, Kelly.” you sighed as you went back to your book. Your eyes were starting to get heavy and the clock continued to tick on as you read. It’d been hours since you last heard from him. Maybe his phone had died and he couldn’t find a place to plug in. It seemed likely. You checked the clock again after what felt like forever to find that only twenty minutes had passed. The long hand now edging so close to the top of the clock.

“Four minutes to Christmas…” you sighed to yourself, placing your book down. “He’s not coming tonight. He hasn’t said anything, hasn’t done anything. He’s going to miss Christmas tomorrow, likely. Maybe I’ll wake up to good news… I should just go to bed.”

You sat up and stretched before turning off the lights and starting upstairs. When you hit the halfway mark, however, you heard the door unlock.


You heard the door open and a pair of boots stomp inside as well as a thud of something large and solid hitting the ground..

“Hello?” You heard a muffled voice ask. “Anyone awake?”

There was no way.

You hurried back downstairs to see a figure bundled up in a long, dark grey coat, removing a black scarf from around his neck, a suitcase and a hockey gear bag at his side. He took his toque off to reveal a head of soft, fluffy coppery hair.

“C-Connie?” you asked in disbelief. The figure whipped around to reveal none other than your boyfriend, bundled up to shield himself from the cold outside.

He grinned. “I said I’d be home for Christmas, didn’t I?”

You grinned and ran forward. “Connie!!”

He opened his arms and scooped you up into a hug just as the clock on the wall rang for midnight.

Right on time.

He pulled away and grinned at you, his brown eyes warm and happy as they stared back into your own.

“Merry Christmas, baby.”

You grinned back and pecked his lips. “Merry Christmas, indeed.”


“Hannah picks up Baker’s iPhone, connected to the stereo through the auxiliary jack, and scrolls through the playlists until she finds the one she wants—the one she discovered by accident a few months ago, and which made Baker blush and steal the phone back. 

Songs han loves. 

She plays Coldplay’s “Strawberry Swing” and leans back against the leather seat, letting the sound and lyrics wash over her. No one says anything—they all sink into the song with willing submission—but Baker turns the stereo volume up, and Hannah glances over at her, at the way she looks behind the steering wheel, sunlight on her neck and shoulders, dark hair spilling over her cotton tank top. 

“Perfect song,” Baker says, her voice soft in the way it is when her mind is far away.”

You can listen here.

kelly: it’s 9:45. i’m gonna have some salsa con queso and drink another glass of wine and then i’m going to bed  

please note that when kelly says  “glass of wine” she means “mug of wine” as she is perpetually incapable of using appropriate cups/dishes

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Go to bed Kelly your massive Gillian Anderson thirst is showing! She's taken. Have 3 glasses of water some salt and go to bed. Sleep on your side if you end up sick in your sleep. 🌈👌🏼

I KNOWW . Peter u lucky mannn! Let me hug your girlfriend!

Okay but the IWTB kiss is so beautiful. How their lips touch with familiarity yet this is not like the thousands of casual kisses they’ve shared. Their relationship was and is still so fragile and they are both aware of it so they linger and ask for more. And the way Scully keeps her eyes closed when they part, as if she wanted to have this moment forever engraved in her memory, in case it ends, in case they don’t survive this… 

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Nick and Kelly, what horrible things was the chaise in the corner used for?

Kelly: That chaise was too young for the things it saw.

Nick: If you keep talking about inanimate objects like they’re alive, I’m going to stop fucking you on them.

Kelly: Aww, I think the bed would miss us.

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nick, if you could taste colors, what do you think they would taste like?

Nick: You CAN taste colors!

Kelly: Not this again, oh god.

Nick: You can! You know what red tastes like? It tastes RED. And people can be colors. Ty’s orange, did you know that? He’s this bright orange that flares sometimes. And Kelly, Kelly is a very vibrant blue.

Kelly: Really.

Nick: YEs. It’s a beautiful blue. God, you’re beautiful.

Kelly: I’m blue? Not Kelly green?

Nick: why would you be green? Green means different things than blue and you’re blue.

Kelly: Nicko … babe. Let’s go to bed, huh?

Nick: Digger is the scariest color of purple I’ve ever seen.

Kelly: Nick … 

Nick: You can taste colors. And you can smell memories. And Kelly is the most beautiful blue I’ve ever seen..

Random Steven Universe Thoughts

So, the recent episodes got me thinking about stuff. mostly the comments Jasper made in regards to Pearl being “A defective Pearl” but also a quote from Pearls rose reccording “My Pearl”

Kinda got me thinking about what being a “pearl” means in Gem Society.

Pearls are actually one of the most easily produced jewels in the world, after all theyre creation is a easily manipulated phenomenon. all you need are some mollusks and maybe some beads depending on what method you use to culture them. and they form far faster than anything else we consider a Gem, with human grown mass production pearls only taking around a year to three to reach thier market size. valuable natural saltwater pearls take far lonfer to form (up to 20 years) but compared to other gemstone minerals and even synthetic gems they are super easy to make.

So i have to wonder, what is “Pearls” are a sort of synthetic race created by other gems to be servants or something? 

it would certainly explain Jaspers comments about Pearl being “Defective” but would also cast Rose’s comment about pearl being “Hers” in a whole new light.

its pretty clear by now that Rose is or was someone hugely important to all of the Gems, remembered by Jasper even thousands of years after her rebellion, and then theres the whole “Rose is Pink Diamond” theory ive seen thrown around.

Think about it, what if Pearl was created specifically to serve Rose? as a servant or body guard or assistant or something, and other, meaner gems would tell her Pearl was “Defective” but Rose doesnt care and Pearl becomes her most trusted confidant and stuff even if, as we saw, Rose had secrets she kept, or maybe just didnt get to share, even with Pearl.

I dont know, just thought id throw my thoughts out there since i didnt see anyone else saying similar things.