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TVD 8x15 Fan Reactions

Damon comes up with a plan to lure Katherine to them with Stefan and Caroline’s wedding.

Steroline Fans/Caroline:

Bonnie can’t make herself go to the Steroline wedding because she hasn’t forgiven Stefan for killing Enzo.

Bonnie Fans:

Stefan/Baroline Fans:

Stefan is still blaming himself for killing Enzo and they reminisce about Katherine. Damon tells Stefan it’s not his fault and that Ripper Stefan isn’t him.

Defan Fans:

Stefan Fans:

Katherine Fans:

Stefan and Damon have a “bachelor party”. Stefan as a human can’t hold his liquor and is super hung-over/drunk.


Ghost!Enzo visits Bonnie and talks her into going to wedding/try to forgive Stefan. They dance and talk about the wedding they could’ve had.

Stefan Fans/Enzo Fans:

Bonenzo Fans:


Damon and Caroline are drinking together. Damon toasts to Liz and Caroline while loaning her Elena’s necklace to remind Elena will be with her on her day.

Certain Parts of the fandom/Damon Fans:

Caroline Fans/Anti-Damon:

Kelly Donavan appears to start shit and is apparently working with Katherine.


Damon helps Stefan get ready and swears to protect him from Katherine. Stefan says he hopes he’ll be able to be there when Damon marries Elena even though he’ll age by then.

Defan/Stefan Fans:

Delena Fans:


The Steroline wedding starts. Katherine’s still nowhere to be found. They recite their vows and get married without interruption. Bonnie watches sadly.

Steroline Fans:

Stelena Fans:

Klaroline Fans:

Bonnie Fans:

Katherine Fans:

Damon and Bonnie dance and banter at the wedding.

Bamon Fans:

Mid-dance, Enzo interrupts in Bonnie’s mind and dances with her before twirling her back to Damon.

Bonenzo Fans:

Bamon Fans:


Kelly started a gas leak, leaving Bonnie and the twins trapped inside. Enzo appears one last time, encouraging her to save herself and let the twins siphon her. She does. Enzo tells Bonnie to “live her life” and vanishes.

Bonenzo Fans:

Bonnie and the twins make it out. Kelly dies. Vicki is revealed to be in on it and rings the bell, releasing Katherine from Hell.


Katherine Fans:

Bonnie suddenly collapses. The episode ends with her in Stefan’s arms, unconscious.

Bonnie Fans:

After this episode



I go by NOOK & I’m a 23 y/o black amateur artist. I started doing sketches about 2yrs ago & now I sell prints from time to time.

Drawing #1 is my a self-portrait
Drawing #2 is one of my favourite characters, Valerie Malone, from one of my favourite 90s shows, BH 90210
& Drawing #3 is Garnet from Steven Universe, well at least my interpretation of her.

More of drawings, including my very early art, can be seen using #artbynook & thank you @sparklyfawn for creating #drawingwhileblack

Top 10 Television Couples
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Both equally awkward in their own way, Jess and Nick are on their way to becoming TV couple royalty, but because the relationship is new, they’ll be ranked #10 on the list. They must earn their seniority.

9. Zack and Kelly

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From Saved By the Bell, Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski’s classic teenage romance nabs them the number 9 position. Unfortunately the extreme cheesiness of the show is what keeps the relationship from ranking higher.

8. Jesse and Rebecca

Have. Mercy. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always have a crush on wild free-spirited Uncle Jesse and you’ll always be jealous of Rebecca, the one who tamed him. Their relationship was cheesy in all the right ways and you have to admit that your heart melts every time you watch him sing “Forever” at their wedding.

7. Sabrina and Harvey

He fell in love with a witch. That is seriously hardcore commitment.

6. Lizzie and Gordo

You can’t help but relate to little awkward frizzy haired Gordo. His love for Lizzie melted our hearts, but damnit he should’ve been more assertive because this kiss was way too overdue.

5. Ross and Rachel

When this was the result of their first kiss you knew they’d be one of the best TV couples of all time. What keeps them from being higher on the list? The 10 years we spent agonizing over whether or not they would actually end up together.

4. Cory and Topanga

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These two took high school sweethearts to a whole new level, since they basically started dating in elementary school. I barely even like myself for a whole day, God knows how these 2 have liked each other since the sandbox days.

3. Chuck and Blair

The only reason they’re not number one on the list is because I’m bitter about the fact that I’m not Blair Waldorf.

2. Monica and Chandler

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A complete surprise, a tear-jerking proposal, and a sense of silliness unmatched by any other couple, Monica and Chandler rank number 2. You just don’t stick your head in a turkey for someone unless you’re in love with them.

And who’s the number 1 couple? Read more to find out!

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coalstewart asked for the everlark prompt: “you’ve been sleeping at mine because your house is being renovated and we aren’t even dating, yet every time you wake up to the baby crying and sigh, “i’ll go” i feel like we might as well be married.”

Rated M


“I can’t thank you enough,” Katniss says in greeting, her normally reserved expression easing into one of gratitude and apology. “Seriously, you’re our hero.”

Peeta laughs, his white teeth flashing in the late afternoon sunlight. He stands from the porch swing and leans over the railing to smile down at them.

“Oh, please. I should be thanking you and Maisy.” He holds out his hands, and the baby hanging from Katniss’ hip reaches up for him with eager fingers, her eyes wide and luminous. A gummy grin stretches across Maisy’s small face when Peeta pulls her into his arms. “I would just be hanging out here all alone, watching Saved by the Bell reruns on Netflix.”

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Magnificent Bastards: A Taxonomy

“They’re devious, have a DGAF attitude, and say the things that most people are too polite to say. They’re jerks, clearly, but they’re more than that.” 
- Amber’s life-lessons from TV characters who are the absolute worst.

Let’s set sail! The ship that launched 1000 ships…

It was easy to discover that tumblr is the perfect place to rediscover our forgotten loves. Not that of your own but the names that you type in the search bar for gifs, stills and videos. The ultimate feeding ground for your OTP(s).
Here I’ll start a series of posts from my first ships to my wish ships. Enjoy!
I hereby declare these ships set sail!

My first ship:
Arguably most people my ages first ever ship. Recently rediscovered through recommend YouTube videos. I hereby present to you Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski. (FYI he may be the first crush too)