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Here’s the official vid, check it out to discover who’s part of it. H50 rocks da house…

In a diversity-challenged industry, Kelly’s faced a hard struggle to make it as a successful black woman DP in a male-dominated industry. She didn’t even begin in the camera department, but in electrical and lighting, learning the ropes and working her way up on non-union, low-budget shoots in New York, and then shooting dozens of music videos and documentaries.

Kelly’s big break came when she was hired by “Selma” director Ava DuVernay to shoot the critically acclaimed documentary “13th,” which earned an Oscar nomination for documentary feature and won a BAFTA. She reteamed with DuVernay to shoot the second season of “Queen Sugar,” shot the musical “Were the World Mine” and “Mariachi Gringo” for director Tom Gustafson, and four seasons of the five-time Emmy-nominated Hulu show “East Los High.” “I love the exploration of film as a visual language with its own vocabulary,” she says. “Aside from shooting, sending images back and forth with a director in prep is my favorite time.”

Kelly’s most recent feature, “Skin in the Game,” is about human trafficking. “I brought a stack of [photographer] Todd Hido’s books to show [director] Adisa his motel portraits,” says Kelly. “Instantly, we had a visual vocabulary to share with the crew.”

Kira Kelly featured in Variety’s ‘10 Cinematographers to Watch in 2017′

Wow this took way to long to finish, almost a week! School sucks man.  Anyway, let me explain the purpose behind the pic since it seems kinda out of nowhere.  Other than being a cute pic with the whole gang, I actually drew it because I want to put it on the back of a phone case for my new IPHONE!!! So yeah that’s exciting, and the phone will be perfect once I put it in a case with this pic on it!  Also, I think this is just a cute little pic of the whole crew.  It kinda looks like a poster for a sitcom XD.  All we need it the show title and the ‘Only on ABC’ on the top XD.  Anyway, I hope you like it! ENJOY!
Clouds - kayethespade - Mass Effect: Andromeda [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 4/?
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Dani Ryder is nothing if not pragmatic, even if it takes stepping into the crosshairs to prove it.

Last night was brutal and wonderful and a reminder how great playoff hockey is even in a game that had no goals until then last 12 minutes. The game was full of fast breaks and weird bounces and some big hits and it wasn’t over until Justin Bieber was shown in the crowd wearing a Leafs jersey.

As you can see in this video we lost our minds at Kelly’s last night and it was so much fun. I was crowd surfing just prior to film this because it’s the cup. It was a scary for my liking but we took down the Leafs in six and we get a few days off before Pittsburgh comes to down on Thursday.

By the way, I filmed this video for WUSA 9 in DC and they ran a feature about us last night, but more on that later…. 

Let’s go Caps!