kelly clinton

If Obama pulled even 10% of the shit in 8 years that Trump has done in just 8 months, Obama’s ass would have impeached by congress before Monday. Let's be honest.

The double standards are astounding. 

Trump literally made a heavily pregnant and vulnerable Gold Star widow cry even more.

Per DC gossip, the generals have all privately made an agreement to never, ever let Trump authorize nuclear war. Or launch missiles. Also, they will physically wrestle him to the ground if he even tries. No, seriously, they  are *literally*  considering Kung Fu tactics.

But women are too emotional and hormonal to be president. 


What is actually going on here.

They *all* know he is unfit for office and dangerous. (Both Tillerson and General Kelly want to quit, but are only sticking around to ensure they can stop him if he goes totally mental, per the stories.) 

Whatever you think of them, Pence or Ryan would be saner choices.

But the GOP congress can’t risk ousting Trump either. Their precious political careers and all.

It’s horrific. “Well, the nuclear apocalypse is bad, I guess, but I have to get re-elected!”