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Venus Dominance

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People with Venus dominance are known for their love. But Venus isn’t just about falling for someone! The Venus archetype is about everything beautiful: clothes, faces, hobbies, talents, people, music, etc.

Venusians are very aesthetically inclined people. They’ll want to be well dressed, in keeping with fashions and usually society too. Often found in fashion or art related jobs, they have an eye for new trends of all medias. They can commonly have softer facial features than other people, and seem to always fit into an idea of “beautiful”.

Having a big stress on love, these people can often not wish to disrupt society (especially so for Venus in 11th) because they’d rather go around loving it. It’s key to note that ‘not disrupting’ it does not mean not standing up for what they believe in. Many Venus dominant people will actually stand up for what they believe is loving, but often it takes a more peaceful form than other dominants. They make a stand in a form of art, or through eloquent language, rather than riots or powerful, aggressive speeches.

The thing about them is that they wish to share their love in all forms. They may write poems, or share make up tips. This can then be radiated on friends and communities. For example, they can be the friend to give you the best birthday present, or the one who advises you on your issues.

Often times, they have a firm idea of love and what it should be. This doesn’t always have to mean they are obsessed with it on a public level. In fact, because they know what they want, they may not be as openly delusional with love as others can be. When in a relationship, they give their all, and tend to love in a more passive way - they aren’t interested in arguments and love/hate moments!

Another thing you will notice about them is their acquired tastes and smells. It’s common they have a love for fine foods and scents, such as wines or perfumes. This is also applicable to materials, taste in music, and art. They like what they like, and they’re a positive critic of their hobbies and interests. Sometimes they can be seen as perfectionists due to this.

Examples: Beyonce, Grace Kelly, Freddie Mercury, Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Charles the Prince of Wales, Shania Twain, Nick Jonas, Johnny Depp, Diana the Princess of Wales, Lana Del Ray, Jessica Alba, Amber Heard, Rene Descartes, Ella Fitzgerald, Claudia Cardinale, Sasha Grey, Eric Clapton, George Washington, James McAvoy, Thomas Edison, Diana Ross, Bill Maher, Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones, Charles Dickens, Chester Bennington, Anthony Delon, Jimmy Carter, Melanie Thierry


Donald Trump is a proud bully.
Hillary Rodham Clinton hates bullies.

In this rare clip, Hillary declares she has hated bullies ever since she was a little girl – “I do not like bullies.”

Recently, Hillary cited her Mother Dorothy as forming the core of why she continues to fight for those who are invisible, despite being knocked down and attacked daily since the early 1990s.

Many have mocked Hillary’s video “Dorothy.” But what I see is someone who is authentic – the hardships her Mother faced as a child led Hillary to the Children’s Defense Fund. Hillary helped to create and pass the Children’s Health Insurance Program, giving 8+ million children health insurance.

Hillary refuses to quit and won’t back down to anyone – including proud bully Donald J. Trump:

“I think the guy went way overboard – offensive, outrageous – pick your adjective.”
–Hillary Rodham Clinton

I’m writing multiverse fic with some food network hosts, Jeeves and Wooster, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, and the entire family from Wizards of Waverly Place

Celebrities With Your Rising Sign
  • Aries Rising: Rihanna, Shakira, John Lennon, Penelope Cruz, Heath Ledger, James Dean, Alexander the Great, Joan Rivers, Bill Cosby.
  • Taurus Rising: Martin Luther King, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, David Beckham, Nikola Tesla, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning.
  • Gemini Rising: Amy Winehouse, Sandra Bullock, Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan, Mick Jagger, Ashton Kutcher, J.K. Rowling, Drew Barrymore, Louis Tomlinson.
  • Cancer Rising: Angelina Jolie, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Dalai Lama, Ben Affleck, Tyra Banks, Vincent van Gogh, William Shakespeare, Stephen King, Liv Tyler.
  • Leo Rising: Marilyn Monroe, Johnny Depp, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Selena Gomez, Céline Dion, Jessica Alba, Meryl Streep, Pablo Picasso, Jack Nicholson.
  • Virgo Rising: Madonna, Lady Gaga, Uma Thurman, Kurt Cobain, Steve Jobs, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, Mark Zuckerberg, Ariana Grande.
  • Libra Rising: Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Jennifer Aniston, Harry Styles, Isaac Newton, Jared Leto, George Harrison, Harrison Ford, Niall Horan.
  • Scorpio Rising: Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, Grace Kelly, Charlie Chaplin, Robin Williams, Gwen Stefani, Jim Carrey, Sigmund Freud.
  • Sagittarius Rising: Brad Pitt, Scarlett Johansson, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, Leonardo da Vinci, Paris Hilton, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Lee.
  • Capricorn Rising: Taylor Swift, Megan Fox, Prince Harry, Zac Efron, Marie Curie, Queen Elizabeth II, Kylie Jenner, Lorde, Rosa Parks.
  • Aquarius Rising: Barack Obama, Christina Aguilera, David Bowie, Orlando Bloom, Nicki Minaj, Audrey Hepburn, Adele, Matt Damon, Adam Levine.
  • Pisces Rising: Michael Jackson, George Clooney, Whitney Houston, Ryan Gosling, Paul McCartney, Zayn Malik, Adriana Lima, Demi Lovato, Kendall Jenner.