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Kelly Clarkson, Animal Whisperer

In case anyone was wondering if Kelly’s whole down-to-earth Texan girl look was an act, I submit into evidence the fact that for much of her time on the cover of tabloids, she has also been running a large farm in Texas that doubles as her own private animal rescue. She may have had to sell the land once her family obligations and her touring schedule starting conflicting with her desire to hug every dog, but she did nurse them all back to perfect health and adopt them out to loving families. And her charity work doesn’t stop there; she’s also partnered with State Farm Insurance for an anti-drinking campaign aimed at teens, worked with projects aimed at raising funds, and awareness for music education, AIDS, and climate change. Not to mention the campaign she did with a local company for me, Green Mountain Coffee, to support fair trade laws. Her whole career, nearly every interview I’ve seen of hers, she has expressed worries about becoming disconnected from the girl that she once was and the values that she holds dear. Something tells me she doesn’t have to worry about that.

Have you not heard her new song, Welcome To New York? I think she’s based in New York now. I feel like I’ve heard that. We don’t barbeque so I don’t know. We’re not like ‘Heyyy Tay, where are you at right now?’…. Do you like her record? I love her new record. She’s incapable of writing a crap song. It’s all catchy. And your whole family will like it. It’s like…she’s like… I wish you could bottle it - well a label is where she could bottle it up - for other artists.
—  Kelly Clarkson (on Taylor Swift)