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Do you guys wanna hear a weird story?

So the other day I played Kesha’s new song for my mom and she told me about the time she used to know Dr. Luke and how iconique Kesha’s new song actually is.

Let’s take a trip back to 2002 when American Idol first came out. I guess my mom used to run one of the online music boards for American Idol and ended up meeting Brenda Harvey-Richie on there, aka the woman who beat Lionel Richie with a bat back when she caught him cheating on her in the 90’s, aka Nicole Richie’s adopted mother, and the two of them became really good friends. They would travel back and forth between Texas (where she lived) and Los Angeles (where my mom lived) to kick it with each other and Brenda introduced my mom to American Idol season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson, who later signed a contract with and wrote “Since You Been Gone” with Dr. Luke and Clive Davis.
So I guess Dr. Luke has always been a really big headed piece of shit and would refuse to let Kelly Clarkson collaborate with him on writing any music (rumor has it she wasn’t a very good writer anyway, but that’s beside the point) and he ABSOLUTELY prided himself on writing those revenge power anthems, aka the same style of writing as Kesha’s new song.
I guess he was just a really petty dude (my mom described him as a ‘piece of work’) and always wanted to have total control over the female pop stars that he was working with and would rarely allow them to make their own decisions (hence Kesha’s party girl persona despite her multiple protests to be presented as something else). And would constantly tell his artists that he was the MASTER at writing revenge power anthems and they could never live up to his level of skill.

Anyway, my mom did some research the other day and found that, while Kesha is still unfortunately signed to Dr. Luke’s label, he wasn’t allowed to work with her on the new record, but being the asshole that he is, he felt she was about to ruin her career anyway because, according to him, he’s he ONLY person in Hollywood who can write a great revenge power anthem.

But clearly this dude’s ego has been shot down a couple of notches because Kesha’s new song is number 1 across the charts. And I just wanted y'all to know that she really Did That. She’s showing her rapist who’s fucking who and kickin’ ass in her recovery while doing it. And I just think that’s really inspirational, and everyone should hear this because it’s inspiring.

Kesha really is That Bitch!


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Dear Kelly Clarkson,

Thank you. Thank you for being the best friend I’ve ever had over the past 14 years. Thank you for writing the words I’ve never known how to say. Thank you for saying them.

Thank you for never losing your kindness. Thank you for always standing up for what you think is right.

Thank you. For being you.
Me (and all your other millions of fans)