Kelly Clarkson cradles son Remington during Hawaiian family vacation
In honor of her birthday last week, she headed to Orlando for a surprise girls' trip to Universal Studios. Kelly Clarkson's birthday celebration isn't over yet. She's enjoying a family vacation in Hawaii.

In honor of her birthday last week, she headed to Orlando for a surprise girls’ trip to Universal Studios.

And it appears that Kelly Clarkson’s birthday celebration isn’t over yet, as just one week later, she’s enjoying a family vacation in Hawaii.

The 35-year-old was ever the loving mom as she enjoyed downtime with son Remington and husband Brandon Blackstock.

Kelly relaxed in a black top layered with a pair of print shorts.

The Grammy-winning vocal powerhouse accessorized with a pair of shades and stud earrings.

Her one-year-old son Remington was adorably protected from the sun with a striped onesie and matching hat.

The family vacation comes just one week after she visited Universal Studios Orlando.
The beauty was surprised with the trip by her loved ones, who filmed her reaction when she received the news.
In the video, Kelly sat in front of a coffee table with a selection of scrabble pieces in front of her.  

The mother-of-two put the pieces together to reveal that she had to pack her bags, because she was going on a trip; and her mother and sister were soon to join.

In the heart-warming video - that’s been viewed nearly 1,500,000 times - Kelly was overwhelmed with emotion, expressing that she wanted to cry.

‘Woke up this morning to a birthday scavenger hunt that ended with an anagram!! Best surprise ever! #morninghair #whereisthegirlstrip #sweaty,’ read the clip’s caption.


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