kelly brook nail polish

Super quick & easy ombre nail tutorial (without makeup sponge)

Okay so the other day I had a lil brainwave and thought of this super quick and easy way to do ombre nails using eyeshadow! So far I’ve looked around and I haven’t seen any tutorials with the same method - if you find someone who did it before me message me and I’ll give credit :)

anyway on with the tutorial..

here are the products ive used

Sally Hansen super shine top coat (I also used this for my base coat), black nail polish (I used the Kelly Brook one, it was part of a gift set and is actually quite good!), a models own buff block - I love this!! Eye shadow palette (again this is also very cheap from a drugstore) and an eyeshadow BRUSH.

Step one:

Pretty obvious, prep your nails by filing, buffing and adding a base coat

Step 2

Apply your chosen base colour, I chose black, but hey thats just me, it works with any colour really :)

Step 3

Once the base colour is dry, choose your eyeshadow colour to go with your base colour, here I chose green. Then load up the brush, like seriously load it up to an inch of its life! Then pat and push the colour onto the lowest third of the nail as seen above, basically you want to concentrate the colour on the bottom.

Step 4

Then put the clear nail varnish over the top to create the ombre effect and to seal in the eyeshadow. This is the finished look, if you don’t feel that the colour is strong enough repeat step 3. Also you can add in another colour if you wish :)