kelly and luke

Yazz ugly cute fine ass😍
Algee baby face fine ass😍
Luke sing me out my panties fine ass😍
Keith tall model face ass 😍
Woody funny stroke game gotta be bomb fine ass 😍
Elijah dark chocolate singing fine ass 😍


i’ve got goosebumps when i saw this video!!!!!!!!
And the reaction to Kylo showing up OMG

I’m going to try to post something I liked about the Gilmore Girls revival everyday.

Here’s the thirty first one. Richard’s funeral scene with “Time” by Tom Waits playing in the background. This is such a sad scene!


For today’s quote of the day, I share with you only a very small fraction of hilarious lines from one Lorelai Gilmore! She is by far one of my all time favourite characters on TV, she is brillaint. Not that this is even possible, but if by some weird reason you have not seen Gilmore Girls; I suggest you do so… ASAP 😍🙌🏼🔥😭

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Am I the only one that thinks that if Luke became a rapper and got a whole bunch of tattoos, he would look like Machine Gun Kelly

They are the same height as well!!!!