At his best with his best.

Requested: Imagine being married to K

It was a Sunday morning, you were wearing a long t-shirt that just covered the top of your bum. Your hair was down, long, curly and a little frizzy from sleeping. The sunlight was beaming through your curtains which were partly open and your bedroom door was closed over. You both usually slept with the door open, at least a little bit because your daughter’s room was across the hall and she sometimes had nightmares. Still sleepy, you rolled over to the left side of the bed expecting to see him still asleep but he wasn’t there. Come to think of it, the house was rather quiet. You were usually woken up to the sound of (Y/D/N) crying, K playing his guitar or the EST boys coming in drunk. You stretched for your phone which was on your bedside table to check the time. 9:25am. You got out of your four poster bed and walked over to the mirror; fixing your hair slightly, you sighed. K always said he loved you first thing in the morning, where your hair was a little messy and you had no makeup on.
“That’s when you’re the most beautiful” he would always say, but you never listened.

You walked to the en-suite bathroom expecting to see him showering or something, he still wasn’t there. You walked out of your bedroom and across to your daughter’s room. It was about time that she was waking up now or you’d have one cranky baby later tonight! She wasn’t in there, neither was Kells. Her bedroom was tidy for once too, there were no dolls or toys lying around and the maid never usually comes on a Sunday. What is going on?

You were just at the top of your stairs when from a distance you could hear the sound the pots and pans being clattered together, and then the smell of breakfast flooded your nostrils. You quietly creeped down the stairs and peeked through the kitchen door which was open ajar.

There they both were, Kells was standing making breakfast. On the kitchen side was a huge tray full of your favorite food. He had (Y/D/N) in his arms whilst cooking. His hair was a little messy, he was shirtless and wearing grey sweatpants. You stood for a moment just watching the amazing bond they have together. They were smiling and laughing and it warmed your heart.

“Mommy’s gonna love this!”

“She is! She’s been working so hard and daddy has been busy a lot lately. She deserves this, don’t she?”

“Yeah but maybe, do you think she will let me share her pancakes daddy?” she said shyly as she looked up at K.

“I think she might” he replied as he kissed her nose.

You smiled to yourself. You were so lucky. In that moment you realized just how thankful you were. You couldn’t be happier. You get to wake up every morning in a beautiful home, with a family that you built with the love of your life.

The kitchen floorboard creaked and K and (Y/D/N) looked up shocked. They spotted you peeking through the kitchen door.

“No mommy, it was a surprise!” shouted your daughter who had her hands over her mouth. K cracked a little smile and began walking over to you, still holding (Y/D/N). His eyes were dancing all over you and then he bit his bottom lip. It was almost like he became weak around you. He couldn’t believe how beautiful you looked.

“Morning my babies” you said as you kissed your daughter on the cheek. You then looked up at Kells who was towering over you. He put his free arm around you and rested it on your bum.  He kissed you, holding you tightly.

“Did you sleep well, baby?” he asked, still holding you tightly.

“Yeah, I missed waking up to you though” you said pulling him in for another kiss.

“Ewww!” (Y/D/N) screamed as she buried her head into K’s shoulder.

“Shh, what do I smell? Have you cooked for me (Y/D/N)?” you said taking her from K’s arms so you could have your morning cuddle and he could carry on cooking.

“We made breakfast mommy!” She sounded so pleased with herself

“Here we go girls, it’s ready. Why don’t you go back to bed and I’ll bring it up?” he said dishing the food onto the plates”

You carried your daughter upstairs and got back into your big four poster bed with her. Kells soon followed with the tray of food.

“Breakfast is served, my little princess” handing a small plate to (Y/D/N)

“Breakfast is served, my queen” handing another plate to you and kissing you.

All three of you laid in bed, full from breakfast your daughter had fallen asleep between you. He turned to look at you and reached his arm around you and pulled you closer.

“I love you, baby” he smiled

“I love you, K.”