kellogg brothers

Imagine that, instead of the sole survivor being an adult with a child, our SS is a teenager looking for their lost little brother after their single parent was killed by Kellogg and that little brother stolen by him.

Imagine a scared teenager having to travel the wastes, not even sure if they’ll survive until morning.

Imagine them meeting the companions and the introductory dialogue changing to match the age of the SS.

Preston: “Where are your parents? Did they get killed by these raiders?”

Piper: “Hey, kid! You live here with your folks? How’s about you help me get us BOTH home?”

Nick Valentine: “Well, I can honestly say that this is the first time that a kid rescued ME.”

Hancock: “Hey there, kiddo, you alright? Sorry ya had to see that, but a mayor has to make an example of people, ya know?”

It. Would. Be. Fantastic.

its-cullenminating  asked:

i hope i didn't miss out on the sole sharing? my Angela Castro gets dumped into the apocalypse at the ripe old age of 18. she can't aim for shit so she lobs grenades and stabs people instead and has a huge crush on a certain robo detective. fun things? she ties beads, feathers & coins in her hair, speaks spanish, and is v strong/fast. bad things? she gets one hell of a martyr complex after she kills kellogg, and shaun (her brother) replaces her eyes with glowing blue ones like nicks

ooooo i love soles that can speak another language! and who could resist that certain dectective

In the 1830s, D. W. Kellogg (and his brother) became prominent producers of decorative prints, which often took the form of creative mapmaking. The following creation is called “A Map of the Open Country of a Woman’s Heart,” a “map” showing the different places contained within a lady’s heart. While it’s certainly a sweet idea and (obviously) beautifully executed, the faux topography doesn’t do much to counter female stereotypes when one can “visit” places like “Love of Dress,” the “Province of Deception,” or the “Land of Selfishness.”

We must live in the strangest possible reality

110 years ago a company was founded with the specific goal in mind of making a bland corn flake product that would (somehow) discourage people from jacking off.

This was just one of the many plans the good old Kellogg brothers had- they were also proponents of circumcision. removing clitorises, stitching foreskins shut, “cool enemas”, and purposefully blistering peoples sex organs.

Needless to say, their weird  perverted cereal experiment did not have the intended results-but they had managed to find business success!

Moving on to current events, the social media account for one of Kellogg’s anthropomorphic animal mascots is being accosted by a huge segment of our population who have developed a fetish for anthropomorphic animals.  There is a seemingly endless number of people who want to fuck this cartoon tiger, enough to be causing a rather serious marketing dilemma

.Imagine, if you will, how the founders of the Kellogg company would feeling about this curious situation.