Cannon Shippers: Uuuh this episode was so annoying. They only kissed like three times and held hands throughout the show. *annoyed*

Crack Shippers: OMG! OMG! They were in the same room for more than 15 second!!!!!! Oooh! A-and OTP A said OTP B’s name! I’m dying. *externally screams while crying* Best season EVOOOR!!

misapprehension: a mistaken belief about or interpretation of something.

Summary: Blaine makes assumptions and Kurt gets hugs. (aka 5+ times Blaine thinks Kurt and Elliott are in love and one time he realises why jumping to conclusions seriously does not make life any easier.)

A/N: I have no idea how this happened except that I really wanted to write about Elliott and how good he is for Kurt. And, well, I pretty much always want to write about Klaine. Also, I mean, come on. They’re all just so pretty, you just gotta get these feelings out sometimes.

Warning for shameless overuse of italics and dumb boys being dumb (but what else is new).

Also up on the AO3.

Sophomore year Blaine decides to move out of the college dorms. He just likes the idea of having a place of his own. And Tina knows a guy from her job at the diner who’s looking for a new roommate just now, after his old one moved to LA to become an actress.

The guy’s name is Kurt and Blaine likes him immediately. He has amazing hair and a very cute smile and wears really tight pants and is just a little awkward.

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Christmas AUS

Imagine your OTP…

  • Character A is dressed up as an elf and character B is Santa for a job.
  • Spending Christmas together, eating take-out and watching Twilight.
  • Having difficulty over wrapping presents for their friends and family.
  • Going sledding and skiing with their kids.
  • Stuck in an airport on Christmas Eve together.
  • Shopping for Christmas presents for each other and looking for the greatest Christmas tree ever.
  • They both despise Christmas and create their own present-giving holiday with each other.
  • Creating a gingerbread house together for a contest.
  • Going to a Christmas party, wearing the ugliest sweaters ever.
  • On Christmas Day they stay in bed, kissing, eating cookies and exchanging presents.