To my lovely, lovely Kathy! ( Words cannot describe how much of an incredible person you are, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking! It has been such an honour and privilege to know you, listen to you sing (guys she’s even better live) and watch you perform your heart out on that stage! You are going to be a true shining star in whatever you decide to do! Thank you for making my tumblr life THAT much better with your incredible gifs (KELLO FOREVER!!!) Thank you for coming with me to see Queen Bernadette :) One day we’re gonna see you up on that stage too, wowing audiences worldwide with your fantastic voice and even more amazing personality! You are one of the most selfless, dedicated, loving and kind-hearted people I have ever met, and I’m so glad that tumblr has brought you into so many other people’s lives.. You bring such joy and love into every situation, and when you’re around, the whole room truly lights up! I hope you had a wonderful day (that cake looked fabulous btw) and I hope this year is gonna be the best one yet. All my love Xx


happy birthday KATHY!

i would like to give a birthday shout out to one of the most lovely, talented, beautiful people on tumblr dot com. i feel so lucky that our love of kello and bridges brought us together! sharing something special with someone special is one of the rare gifts this world has to offer. you light up my life with your incredible photoshopping skills, wonderful insight, and all-around wonderful disposition. i hope your birthday is the start of the best year yet. here’s to 22!!