Between our natural curiosity and the fact that R5 does share so much of their lives with us, I can understand why we’re all so curious about the status of Kelly and Ratliff’s relationship.  But, I think we need to take a step back and remember that they both have a right to keep some stuff private.  And while Ratliff may have put himself in this position a bit due to deciding to be in the entertainment business, Kelly didn’t ask for any of the attention.  That said, she’s been really cool with the fans over the years.

In the end, what Kelly said in her tweet/Instagram pic is all that really matters for her, Ratliff and all of us really.  Whether they’re together, not together, taking a break or whatever, if her life’s good and she’s happy and Ratliff’s life’s good and he’s happy, then I think we should respect their privacy and leave it at that.