kellin quinns voice

Who says a boy has to have a deep voice? So what if a dude’s voice is in the higher range. There are so many amazing dudes out there with high range voices.

Kellin Quinn

Vic Fuentes

Patrick Stump can get into that high range

Brendon as well

Heck even Gerard

But then there’s Andy

Anyway, if a dude has a high voice, so what. He’s still a dude.
If I have a high voice, don’t automatically assume I’m female. If I identify as a male, I am a male. People need to stop stereotyping things.
Now excuse me while I go enjoy the angelic sounds of perfectly amazing higher ranged voices. Also Andy.

For my favorite bands I'm ready to kill

Someone: Ricky Olson is a disgusting guitarist.
Someone:Ben Bruce is too fat.
Someone:Kellin Quinn has a bad voice.
Someone:Andy Biersack is ugly.
Someone:Why do you love them?
Me: Because they don’t shit like you. For me they are always the best.
Me for this someone:

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Sleeping With Sirens

Iris - Sleeping With Sirens

One of my absolute favorite songs of all time. I would always deny I had a favorite song, until I actually listened to this song. Everything about this song is perfect to me, because I completely understand the lyrics. I don’t like the original version of the song by The Goo Goo Dolls better than this. The emotion Kellin Quinn put into the song is absolutely beautiful.