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A/N: This wasn’t requested, just a random Kellin Quinn imagine because I got bored ~ Blue 

TW-reference to past suicide attempt


You get a text from Kellin telling you to meet him at catering in 15 minutes. You yawn and get out of his bunk to get dressed. Once you finish, you slip on your shoes and get off the bus, squinting at the sun. When you get to catering, you see Jaime and Mike sitting at a table with Justin and Gabe and decide to go sit with them.

“Hey, (Y/N).” All four of them greet as you sit down .

“Hey. What’s up?” You ask, yawning a little bit.

“Nothing really. Have you seen Vic and Kellin? I’m just kind of assuming they’re together.” Gabe asks.

“They were doing an interview or something but Kellin texted me that they were on their way here.” You tell them and they nod.

Suddenly, you feel someone wrap their arms around your waist and lightly kiss your neck. You giggle and everyone at the table looks at you because you have another human basically attached to you. You just playfully roll your eyes causing them to snicker a bit.

“Hey, Babe.” He whispers into your neck.

“Hey. What’s up?” He sits down on your right and shrugs in response.

“Sup guys.” He greets everyone else at the table.

“Hey. How was the interview?” Jaime asks.

“Pretty good.” Vic answers, sitting next to him.

Kellin pulls you into his body, wrapping an arm around you. He kisses your temple and smiles down at you.

“What are you doing?” You giggle a little at his cute but clingy actions.

“Nothing, I just love you, that’s all.” You wrinkle your forehead but shrug it off, not really minding it.

The show wasn’t until tomorrow so everyone basically spent all day doing interviews at a few local radio stations and getting stuff set up. Now, you and Kellin lay face to face in his bunk just enjoying each other’s company and talking about random things. The sound of the rest of the guys on the bus playing xbox was muffled by the curtain. They were getting pretty rowdy.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how was last night?” You ask him. Last night him and a bunch of the other guys went out. You never mind when he goes out just like he doesn’t mind when you hang out with your friends.

“It was-” He’s cut off by a voice belonging to Justin yelling something incoherent and everyone else groaning. You can hear Kellin quietly sigh.

“You wanna like, go for a walk or something? I just need to get out of here.” He asks and you immediately nod, unable to take the noise much longer.

You jump out the bunk and get off the bus, stepping into the orange-pink light cast by the setting sun. Kellin shuts the door behind you guys and smiles at you, grabbing your hand as you start walking.

“Oh yeah so, last night…” He picks up the conversation.

You walk for about 45 minutes, him telling the stories of what happened last night and you laughing at them. Those boys get into some weird shit. Just as it gets dark, you round the corner and end up in the pit where the house lights of the amphitheater are still on. You both jog up the stairs and onto the stage, climbing onto a huge amp. You cross your ankles and swing your feet as the breeze makes the night less humid.

“Oh! I forgot to show you.” He says all of a sudden, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“I got another tattoo last night.” He says, pushing his sleeve on his left arm up.

“Really, where?” You ask, excited to see what it is. He flips his arm over and flexes his hand back to expose his wrist. It’s four parallel rows of roman numerals, each row having three numbers, and the middle number has a dot on either side of it.

“Ooh, what do they mean?” You ask intrigued.

“They’re dates. The first one is the day we met, remember?” He smiles over at you, your heads almost touching.

“Of course I remember, doofus. How could I forget? At your show in my hometown.” That was one of the best days of your life. Imagine if you hadn’t met him that night? What would your life look like now?

“Yeah. That was the day I knew I had to have you.” He says quietly as he reminisces.

“The second one is the day of our first date. Do you remember that one?” He asks, looking at you accusingly. You inhale sharply, trying to remember.

“Our very first date? Like, ever? Jesus, uh… was that the one when we ordered take out and watched The Empire Strikes Back on your couch?” You ask, smiling at that memory. He giggles, running his thumb over the numbers.

“Yeah, it was. I didn’t think you’d remember that.” He says, impressed by your memory skills.

“But that was also our first kiss, ‘cause the dvd kept freezing so we ended up just making out instead.” We both laugh and he nods his head.

“Yep, I remember.” He sighs in satisfaction.

“What’s the next one?” You ask, diverting your attention back to his wrist. He clears his throat before speaking. 

“The third one is the uh…..the day I almost lost you. The day I thought I was never gonna get to hold your hand again or stare into your beautiful eyes or kiss your soft lips.” He grabs your hand and you lean your head on his shoulder.

“The doctor said you only had a 30% chance of living. That there were just too many pills and even after they pumped your stomach, your organs were failing.” He looks down at your intertwined fingers.

 You don’t remember that day as well as him. You remember writing the note. You remember swallowing all the pills. You remember Kellin calling 911, choking on tears. You remember waking up in the hospital. The things in between were pretty blurry considering you were dying. You ended up in a psychiatric hospital for a few months even though the doctors told you that you could go home because you were living with Kellin, but he wanted to play it safe. You remember the exact words he said to you when he dropped you off:

‘You need to get better, (Y/N). I can’t risk losing you again. I love you too much to let you keep living like this…’

He’s really the reason you’re even alive today.

“You know what else the doctor said?” You ask rhetorically. He looks over at you.

“He said that if you hadn’t found me when you did that my death would have been certain. You’re the one who forced me get better and go into recovery. I wouldn’t be here without you, Kellin.” You smile at him and he blushes, smiling down at his lap.

“I’m so fucking glad you pulled though. I’m glad you got better and I’m glad I’m able to sit here now and hold you in my arms.” He wraps an arm around you and you smile. The two of you sit in silence for a few seconds before he pulls away smiles at you contently. After a few seconds, he breaks eye contact and chuckles to himself.

“You’re adorable, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He says, grabbing you hand before you both jump down from the amp and begin walking towards the edge of the stage.

“Wait, what about the last one?” You ask, pointing at his wrist. He stops walking and you stand, facing each other and looking down at his wrist.

“Oh yeah…right. Well, this one….this one is the day I ask you to marry me.” Your forehead wrinkles in confusion because you guys aren’t engaged or anything. Sure, it’s come up a couple times in the past, so maybe it’s one of those days?

“Kellin, what-” You look up at him but are cut off as he takes a knee, holding a ring in his right hand. You gasp, throwing your hands up to your mouth.

“We’ve been together for 5 amazing long years and I can honestly say they’ve been the best of my life. But now, I wanna make you mine…forever. (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), would you make me the happiest man in the world and do me the honor of becoming my wife?” His big blue eyes are glossy with tears threatening to spill any second as he stares up at you. You’re already sobbing, choking on tears as you nod your head.

“Yes, Kellin! Of course! Oh my god…” You start crying even harder as he slips the ring on your finger before you grab his face and connect your lips. He smiles into the kiss and you pull apart, staring into each other’s eyes. He pulls you into a hug, tears streaming down his face. Suddenly, you hear a couple random strings being plucked on an acoustic guitar. You turn around to see Jaime and Vic sitting on stools, Jaime strumming a guitar on his lap. Vic smiles and Jaime winks as he begins to play Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

You turn back to Kellin and wrap your arms around his neck, your sobs turning into sniffles. He smiles down at you and places his hands on your hips as you begin to sway. You rest your head on his chest and close your eyes for a few seconds.

“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).” He says making you look back up at him.

“I love you too, Kells. You’re my everything.”

Hello once again. Now that you’ve read that last imagine and got all happy inside, time for the sads. :( This is a request, by a fantastic Anonymous. I hope you guys like it.

The request → Kellin Quinn imagine? Where Katelynne cheats on him (Before they were married). The plot; reader and Kellin are best friends which makes Katelynne jealous. The reader goes laser tag with Kellin and the rest of the band, when he and the reader get back, they find Katelynne cheating. Reader takes Kellin to her place where he confesses his love for her.

Warnings: Language.

Rating: R


If there was one thing in this awful world that you loved the most, it was spending time with your best friend Kellin. The two of you had been friends for many years, which unfortunately made his girlfriend a little jealous. The two of you didn’t care though, and continued to hang out, drink, write songs, goof off, and be best friends.

Today was one of those days. You two had decided to go laser tagging with the band and after three hours of it, everyone was exhausted and just wanted to go home. As the laser tag place faded in the rearview mirror, you shifted and watched the road go by. Kellin had driven the two of you and your car was at his place.

His house came into view soon after and as he pulled into the driveway, both of you exchanged a confused look after seeing an unfamiliar car in the driveway. He climbed out of the car quickly and began walking into the house. You followed him, mainly to make sure nothing bad was happening. When you walked into the house, Kellin was running up the stairs and you could hear some odd noises coming from the upstairs. What is happening? You thought to yourself as you walked into the living room. Toys were scattered across the floor while Copeland was sitting on the couch with her older brother watching a movie.

“Hey guys,” you smiled at them and sat down.

“(y/n)!” Copeland screeched and climbed over her brother and onto your lap. You wrapped your arms around her and looked at the TV.

“What are we watching?” You asked.

“Finding Nemo!” Copeland answered enthusiastically and clapped her hands.

“My favorite!” You chuckled and looked over at Liam, who was watching the TV, being very quiet.

“You okay there Liam?” You asked.

“Mom made me watch Copeland instead of going to hang out with my friends,” he sighed and you chuckled.

“Welcome to being the oldest brother. Hey, do you know who’s car that is out in the driveway?” You asked and he looked at you.

“Some guy who’s friends with my mom,” he answered and you nodded. Then behind you, you heard someone running down the stairs with another person yelling after them.

“Kell?” You called out when you looked behind you and saw Kellin with a very pissed off look on his face.

“Kellin, wait,” you heard Katelynne call out and Kellin looked back up the stairs.

“No, fuck you Katelynne!” He yelled back. You covered Copeland’s ears and looked down at Liam.

“Kellin, hold on, you have to understand some things,” she said as she got to the bottom of the stairs. She looked into the living room and noticed you on the couch and rolled her eyes.

“Fine, help me understand why I found my wife fucking another man in my bed!” Kellin exploded at her and you felt Copeland shaking in your arms. You immediately turned her around and wrapped your arms tightly around her.

“You spend so much time with (y/n) that I felt like I was losing my husband!” Katelynne yelled and Kelling chuckled.

“Wow, really? You felt like you were losing me so you have sex with another man?” He asked her.

“Hey Liam, why don’t you take Copeland up to her room,” you suggested to Liam, who nodded. But when you went to set Copeland down, her little grip tightened on your shirt and she shoved her face further into your chest.

“I guess I’ll come with,” you muttered and stood, holding Copeland tightly. As you and Liam made your way past Kellin and Katelynne, Kellin and you made eye contact.

“Kellin, I need to feel like I’m needed too sometimes,” Katelynne said to Kellin as you walked into Copeland’s room and closed the door.

“Where’s Rowan?” You asked Liam.

“At a friend’s house,” he said as he sat down on the floor.

“Gotcha. Hey Cope, were in your room, wanna show me that princess dress you like?” You asked Copeland. She slowly unattached herself from you and looked around before immediately jumping off and running to her closet. You remained on your knees on the floor as she rummaged through her closet.

“Do you know what Kellin is talking about?” Liam asked and you looked at him.

“Uh, not really no. But I’m sure he’ll explain eventually,” you told him and he nodded. Copeland then ran back to you wearing the princess dress over her clothes.

“See!” She exclaimed and you chuckled.

“Very pretty Copeland! Show me your princess dance,” you said to her and she immediately began to shake her hips. From outside the door you heard people stomp past and then heard a bedroom door slam shut.

“Hey Liam, I’m gonna go check on Kellin and your mom,” you told the boy and he nodded. You then stood and quickly left the room and went down the stairs. Kellin had his forehead on the wall with one hand on his face and the other above him on the wall.

“Kellin?” You asked quietly and he turned to you. Tears were streaming down his face.

“Can we go to your place?” He asked and you nodded.

“Of course,” you said and the two of you left the house and climbed into your car.


When you reached your apartment, the two of you climbed out of the car and made your way to your floor in silence. He was still crying a little and you could tell something happened, something bad. As you unlocked your door and walked in, Kellin went and sat down on your couch. You went into the kitchen and grabbed two beers. When you sat down next to Kellin, you handed him a beer. He gladly took it and downed the bottle in one take.

“Whoa there buddy,” you said with a chuckle and he sighed before leaning back on the couch.

“Everything is fucked up,” he said.

“What happened?” You asked.

“I went up to my room because I heard something coming from the room and saw Katelynne fucking some random asshole on my bed,” he said.

“Oh, wow. And what was her reasoning for this?” You asked him as you took a drink of your beer.

“Because I spend so much time with you, she felt jealous and like she was losing me. Apparently she’s been fucking this guy for a few months,” he explained.

“Wow. That is fucked up,” you commented as you shifted in your seat.

“She thinks I love you,” he looked over at you and you looked at him.

“Well, is she just being paranoid or?” You asked and he sighed.

“She’s not paranoid,” he muttered and you swallowed. Did he just admit that he loves me? You asked yourself.

“(y/n) my marriage is over,” he said after a few minutes.

“I know,” you mumbled and he sighed once more before getting off the couch to grab another beer. Who knew that your best friend shared the same feelings as you did?


Imagine: Kellin dedicating a song to you…

Word Count: 278


You stand on the side of the stage watching your boyfriend and his band perform for hundreds of screaming fans. You were lucky that you got to call Kellin yours because once upon a time you were also a fan jumping up and down and screaming for his attention.

You’d been together for just under a year and you couldn’t ask for anything better. You still remembered the night during a meet and greet that he slipped you his number and told you to call him, little did you know that he’d seen the scars on your arms and knew exactly what you’d gone through.

Kellin: ‘Okay now I know you guys know this next song, but I’d like to dedicate it to my beautiful girlfriend Y/N.’

Kellin turned to face you and smiled, the crowd awed and you felt yourself blushing at the attention.

Kellin: ‘Y/N and I use to joke that we didn’t fit in anywhere until we met each other. She called us strays. Y/N you’re still my stray and I’m yours. I love you babe so this songs for you.’

You wiped a tear away with your sleeve, The Strays was a song Kellin wrote for you, little did you both know that it would have such an impact on hundreds of fans. They felt what you two felt at that time and you were happy to share being a stray with each and everyone of them.

You mouth *I love you* and you see Kellin blush slightly but quickly cover it up as the first notes of The Strays play. You didn’t want to be anywhere else but in this moment.