kellic drawing

Hail Mary, forgive me,
blood for blood,
hearts beating

King For A Day fanart!
@piercetheveil @sleepingwithsirens

New Kellic drawing! (As requested :3 I'm so sorry it took forever to make xc)

(And yeah this was the scene I was asked to do and I thought it was really cute and yeah..heheh this took literally hours to make and posting it was complicated cause I had to chop it up into smaller pieces but here it is! I hope you guys like it!!)

“Being a real man has nothing to do with what’s underneath your clothing.”

I’ve already said this, but I’m gonna repeat myself bc there’s no way to hide the truth. @the-kellin-under-the-vic you’re such an amazing writer, I could re read all the stories I’ve already read written by you and never get tired. An I hope you don’t get annoyed bc of my fan arts, bc theres more coming :)

I’m srry for being such a terrible human being and not doing the requests fast enough, I am such trash that as soon as I was prepping to actually do the requests yesterday ‘somewhere in neverland’ started playing and me being the sad jalex fairy tale au trash I am, made this. I am v srry and will start the requests tonight I promise, for now I hope this sad trash calms u guys *cries*