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Ok I want your Top Ten Kellex moments from the live stream please and thank you. *grabs popcorn*


***disclaimer: if you weren’t a kellex shipper before… get ready to become one

#10: The look they give each other after they get the question: “What’s the best memory you have with eachtother?” …

(WHAT ARE THEY REMEMBERING BYE) ps. one of their memories was living together #best three months of their life.

#9: When they thank @ G O D for each other being there

#8: When Jim behind the scenes makes fun of Kelley and Alex doesn’t laugh and lowkey looks kinda pissed that someone insulted her lil squirrel her bff.

#7: Alex saying that not seeing Kelley in four hours is a long time,

and their psychicly timed coffee trips:


#5: Anytime Alex makes fun of Kelley + Stanford (because honestly, who gave them permission to become their own fanfic)

#4: Alex joking about Chef Kelley…

*However let’s not forget this gem from when they actually lived together:

#3: When Kelley blames Alex for getting her sick because she can literally hear when her voice is slightly raspier than normal……. 

#2: The Kellex Hug™️….. #thanks for scoring <3

#1: aaaaand the moment that has ended my life (and forever changed the way I look at squirrels????/?/)

(x) ✌️✌️✌️

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Oh oh oh, #4 on the dialogue prompts?? Appreciate you!!

Thank you!!!

Just Breathe

Davey fumbled with the phone in his hand, finally sending what he had been typing out for what seemed like hours.

Davey Jacobs: Getting a panic attack can u come

It was only on the rare and desperate occasion that Davey didn’t use proper grammar in texting, and now was one of them. He had been having a string of panic attacks all night and knew he couldn’t stand another attack on his own.

Jack Kelly: Omw
Jack Kelly: I’ll be there in 5

Davey didn’t even remember Jack coming in, but now he was sitting in the hallway, gripping Jack’s hand so tightly he was surprised Jack didn’t flinch away. He desperately needed something to hold onto- to ground onto- to remind him that he wasn’t alone, but that still wasn’t enough to negate anything he was feeling.

“Just breathe when I breathe, okay?”

He tried to follow Jack’s breathing, but he just couldn’t. He started hyperventilating even worse and tears began to spill from his eyes.

“Hey, hey, Davey,” Jack said, grabbing onto Davey’s shoulder.  “C’mon. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out. In. Out.”

Davey tried his best to do what Jack said, and his breathing did eventually even out.

“You feeling better?” Jack asked.

Davey shook his head. He moved over to sit in Jack’s lap. He would curl up into Jack’s arms every time he had a panic attack- Jack always managed to calm him somehow- and he did it again. Davey placed his ear against the place where he knew he would be able to hear Jack’s heart beat.

Jack instantly wrapped his arms around Davey. “You want to talk about it?”

Davey shook his head, again, too afraid to speak the truth. If he said what he thought, Jack would for sure leave him, right? But it would be for the best Davey told himself he’s better off without me anyways.

“Jack, I’m holding you back.” Davey whispered. He started crying again, his tears wetting Jack’s shirt, but he didn’t seem to care. “I’m dragging you down with me. I don’t deserve you.”

“Dave, what the hell are you talking about? You’re not holding me back. I wouldn’t be anywhere close to here without you. I love you.”

“Stop lying.” Dave whispered, silent tears running down his face.

“I’m not lying. I’m here. I ain’t leaving you. I promise I’ll be there for you when you fall. I love you Dave, even on your off days.”

“But-” Davey said, still sniffling.  

“Hey, hey, hey, no buts, Davey. I’m here to stay. Look at me,” Jack said, wiping a tear from Davey’s face. Davey turned his head so he could see Jack’s face. “I’m here and I ain’t going nowhere- not without you.”

Davey wrapped an arm around Jack’s waist, pulling himself closer to the other boy. Jack kissed Davey’s forehead and wiped away the rest of Davey’s tears.

“I love you Davey. I’m never leaving you, okay? I love you.”