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DIVERSE LIT MEME: » LGBTQ+ : Dirty London by Kelley York

What would society at large think if there was a “heterosexual pride event”? If a gaggle of straight people gathered to celebrate their straightness, or to show support for heterosexuality? 

People would probably think they were homophobic. It’s sort of like the whole Black History Month, and how if there were a White History Month people would scream racism.


If I was Jill..
GK: Hope Solo
GK: Ashlyn Harris
D: Becky Sauerbrunn
D: Ali Krieger
D: Julie Johnston
D: Meghan Klingenberg
D/F: Kelley O'Hara (But prefer her as a F)
D: Christie Rampone
M: Carli Lloyd
M: Morgan Brian
M: Heather O'Reilly
M: Tobin Heath
M: Megan Pinoe
M: Stephanie McCaffrey
F: Alex Morgan
F: Christen Press
F: Amy Rodriguez
F: Crystal Dunn
**CAN’T MESS WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, Hope undoubtedly the #1 keeper, #2 keeper a toss up but I believe in Harris so “In Harris I Trust,” McCaffrey shows promise, CDunn gets it dunn, FREE HAO & Captain America to Rio 2016!!!