kelley f


If I was Jill..
GK: Hope Solo
GK: Ashlyn Harris
D: Becky Sauerbrunn
D: Ali Krieger
D: Julie Johnston
D: Meghan Klingenberg
D/F: Kelley O'Hara (But prefer her as a F)
D: Christie Rampone
M: Carli Lloyd
M: Morgan Brian
M: Heather O'Reilly
M: Tobin Heath
M: Megan Pinoe
M: Stephanie McCaffrey
F: Alex Morgan
F: Christen Press
F: Amy Rodriguez
F: Crystal Dunn
**CAN’T MESS WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, Hope undoubtedly the #1 keeper, #2 keeper a toss up but I believe in Harris so “In Harris I Trust,” McCaffrey shows promise, CDunn gets it dunn, FREE HAO & Captain America to Rio 2016!!!