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the beginning of November by Rona Keller
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I wake to a world covered in fog and spend my days not doing much until it gets dark again. In those hours before the world turns black I have the strong urge to create. I want to capture the last yellow leaves, the first November rain, the cold wind that brushes the outside of our house, how cosy my room feels at this time of the year, but sometimes I just stay in the moment. I try to enjoy it the way it is and wonder why it always feels like something is missing when I don’t take photographs. It’s never just beautiful or just cosy or just warm, it’s always fading and unsettling and cold, too. I curl up in my warm bed and try to let go, but the artist inside me never seems to rest.

  • Cheryl: God Veronica! You're such a bitch.
  • Veronica: No hablo inglés.
  • Cheryl: TU ES UN BITCHO!
  • Veronica:
  • Veronica: *starts laughing*
  • Betty: I'm like 99% sure that's not even Spanish.

Queerbating is nothing new, most recently was Girl Meets World, but that was only one couple. Riverdale has successfully done queer bating with the entire main cast and it’s not just a one off either.

You could argue that all shows do this, but not to this extent. This is insane. 

Just friends don’t treat each other like that. Period. Unless you are so fucking comfortable with your sexuality which is an excuse that I’m pretty done with. 

Queer bating needs to stop. And having a flamboyant gay boy on the show doesn’t get you off the hook. Just cause there is a queer character doesn’t mean Jarchie and Beronica can be swept under a rug. That’s not how it works

  • *in the locker room*
  • Reggie: So then he was all like, "Give me a lap!" And I was all like, "Hey coach, why don't you give me a lap?" And he was all like, "You know what Mantle? I respect you."
  • Jocks: *all laugh*
  • Archie and Jughead: *look at each other like they're in The Office*

from restless to fulfilled by Rona Keller
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I woke up with a weird feeling that this day wouldn’t be the best. But after a few restless hours in the morning, we explored a beautiful forest and ended up at this amazing location in the evening. The moment the setting sun hit my skin in midst of the cold wind as I was taking photos here, the restlessness from the morning vanished and I felt completely relaxed and content. And I still get the exact same feeling when I know I have taken photos I am happy with as I used to seven years ago. :’) Col du Béal, France On my blog you can now find quite a few photographs from this summer holiday.


this home of mine by Rona Keller
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I finally watched Riverdale

I know I’m the last person on earth to watch it, but I finally got some time and binge watched it all today.

I have to say I’m honestly surprised, I was way better than what I expected

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It’s Gossip Girl meets High School Musical with a pinch of The Carrie Diaries ft. a murder mystery

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From GG we have the Blair (Veronica) and a good version of Dan (Jughead), our protagonist is the Troy of the city (thankfully without a Gabriela) and we even have our very own Walt (Kevin) and the Donna (Cheryl) from Carrie Diaries. Betty is our Serena, Carrie and Veronica Mars, all in one.

I’m in for the ride!!

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lol I'm pretty sure my gay best friend and I are actually Kevin and Betty

we were talking at lunch to another girl friend (ahem VERONICA???) about partying & shit and what she does regularly n stuff and I said was like “yeah umm I don’t do that kinda stuff” when she talked about smoking cigs, getting drunk, one night stands etc
and my gay friend turned to me and said “aww see this is why I like you. you have morals” in that condescending voice 😂😂