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can you introduce more of the apocalypse characters please u v u

this is keller he and darwin have been affiliated with one another since the start of the apocalypse. he doesn’t trust easy nor does he like stopping for people or giving strangers supplies.

this is gucci she was originally a raider who manipulated the leader of her gang through seduction and playing up the naive little girl routine. she loves making up soap opera stories about zombies and thinks keller would be cuter if he didn’t talk.

this is jenna she was an elementary school lunch monitor before the outbreak and when darwin infiltrated her safety dome to find food she broke his nose. her dream is to make a settlement for kids and dogs.

Best parts about the new Riverdale episode:

  • Toni Topaz
  • Kevin and Moose
  • Pink-haired bisexual photographer aka Toni Topaz
  • Archie saving Ethel
  • The most beautiful girl alive aka Toni Topaz
  • Archie and the rest of the boys being shirtless while threatening the killer like that was so extra
  • Did I mention TONY MF TOPAZ
  • *in the locker room*
  • Reggie: So then he was all like, "Give me a lap!" And I was all like, "Hey coach, why don't you give me a lap?" And he was all like, "You know what Mantle? I respect you."
  • Jocks: *all laugh*
  • Archie and Jughead: *look at each other like they're in The Office*

Queerbating is nothing new, most recently was Girl Meets World, but that was only one couple. Riverdale has successfully done queer bating with the entire main cast and it’s not just a one off either.

You could argue that all shows do this, but not to this extent. This is insane. 

Just friends don’t treat each other like that. Period. Unless you are so fucking comfortable with your sexuality which is an excuse that I’m pretty done with. 

Queer bating needs to stop. And having a flamboyant gay boy on the show doesn’t get you off the hook. Just cause there is a queer character doesn’t mean Jarchie and Beronica can be swept under a rug. That’s not how it works

Because I love her - Betty Cooper Imagine

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“So, um, I don’t know i you’re okay with this, but if you could write me a Betty or Veronica imagine? Whichever you prefer, Betty is it doesn’t trouble you :) Basically I am just looking for an x reader story that has to deal with girl x girl because where the reader’s (and maybe Betty’s at first if you do her?) parents don’t approve and they go to weird extremes to keep them apart. Just homo-hate basically. I really need that right now, if you would. Thanks love :) Also, sorry I’m so shy… lol” please don’t be afraid to ask for anything lgbtq+ related, I am honestly so ready to do anything :) Thank you for requesting and I am sorry for the lack of updates x

Winter was coming, and the once warm, lush and tender air, now turned into a harsh and bitter wind. Riverdale was slowly becoming paler and paler, the flora was dying and practically ceasing to exist as the colours drained from both the sky and the ground.

Tucked in a small corner at Pop’s, (Y/N) and Betty sat huddled together, both in their winter clothes of thick fleece and warm polyester. Their noses and cheeks were tinged red and their hands shook slightly from the relentless cold.

“It just feels like I’m missing something. Both of them are acting so suspicious and it’s driving me crazy!” Betty exclaimed, causing (Y/N) to laugh at her antics.

“Betty, listen, we are going to figure this out. Everything. Try not to fret.” (Y/N) soothed, grabbing Betty’s hand gently, running their thumb across her cold knuckles. Betty’s frown seemed to disperse and her sweet smile returned to her face.

“I don’t know what you do to make me calm, but whatever it is, don’t stop doing it.” She joked, looking deeply into (Y/N)’s eyes, the two were lost in each other, and for a brief second, both of their worries seemed to drift away. It was a moment in time, where nothing mattered, and adrenaline began to rush through their veins as they leant across the table until their lips met.

Kissing wasn’t exactly a new prospect to them, for they had been dating in secret for a few months. But this kiss, this kiss which was subjected to the open eyes of anyone who wished to see it, this kiss that exposed their relationship, seemed all the much more special. It was full of passion and what felt like desperation as the two leant further into one another. Their mouths opening and closing, their tongues dancing to a silent beat. The two were seemingly never going to pull away until a harsh pounding on the glass caught their attention.

Alice Cooper stood, enraged and frazzled on the other side of the glass outside Pop’s. She clutched her handbag so hard her knuckles had turned white, and her posture was stiff and tall. Betty’s face dropped at the sight of her mother, having been caught in the act. (Y/N) too looked fearful and heat began to rush to their face.


“Oh God…” Betty mumbled, abruptly standing up and putting on her coat, (Y/N) copying her actions just as quick. Mrs Cooper had made her way inside and marched over to the table in the corner of Pop’s.

“Elizabeth Cooper, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Alice seethed, glaring at Betty furiously. Betty stuttered, choking on her words and crumbled under her mother’s gaze. (Y/N) instinctively stepped in front of Betty, shielding her from Alice, bringing her icy glare towards themselves.

“With all due respect, Mrs Cooper, I don’t think it is any concern as to who Betty associates herself with.” This only caused Mrs Coopers anger to increase, she almost couldn’t speak.

“Don’t you dare try and tell me what to do, I don’t want you anywhere near my daughter you-you-” Alice tripped over her words, too angry to comprehend anything.

“Mrs Cooper, I really don’t have time for whatever homophobic slurs are about to leave your mouth, but let me tell you this whilst I still have the chance. You won’t stop me from seeing Betty, whether that’s if we’re still together or not because there are much more important things in this world then keeping up your reputation.” (Y/N) spoke with more anger.

“What makes you think you have the right to do that?” Alice crossed her arms over her chest almost smugly.

“Because I love her!” (Y/N) all but shouted, gathering the attention of the majority of the diner. Betty’s hand slipped into (Y/N)’s, giving them a reassuring squeeze.

Alice stood shocked, not appreciating the growing gaze of the diner, managing to utter a “Betty, we’re leaving.”

A small ‘no’ left Betty’s lips, causing Alice to stop walking.

“What did you say?” She asked with a threatening tone. Now Betty stood next to (Y/N), squaring her shoulders and standing straight.

“I said no, Mom. I’m sick and tired of you not letting me live my life. I love (Y/N) too, and just because I’m dating her shouldn’t have anything to do with you.” Alice looked stunned, before scoffing.

“Neither of you know what love is. Come on, Betty. We need to discuss this with your father.” Alice grabbed Betty’s hand and began to pull her out of the diner. (Y/N) went to protest but Betty shook her head, giving a weak smile before she was yanked out of the door. (Y/N) felt a small tear fall from their eyes, wiping it quickly as they noticed the entire diner was staring at them. They quickly gathered their things and went to head for the door before Pop stopped them.

“Just so you know, kid. None of us here care whether or not you be kissin’ a guy or a girl.” Pop said with sincerity, causing (Y/N) to chuckle lightly.

“Thanks, Pop.” And with that, they left.


It had been a few days with no word from Betty, (Y/N) had been constantly texting and calling them, hoping to get a response, but everytime they got nothing. It had now began to panic (Y/N), wondering if the Coopers had carted Betty off to the same place they sent Polly. And with that single thought, they grabbed their coat, and ran to Betty’s house

It was late, and no one seemed to be awake at the household, so (Y/N) scaled the side of the house until reaching Betty’s window. Tapping lightly, they eagerly waited for a response. A few moments passed, until the window was lightly pulled open, and two arms wrapped around (Y/N)’s, hauling them in. (Y/N) pulled back, and seeing it was Betty, breathed a sigh of relief, drawing Betty into their arms and embracing them tightly.

“Thank god, I thought they sent you off.” Tears began to pool out of their eyes as they held onto each other.

“No, no they aren’t. They locked me in the house though whilst they were at work. They said that I shouldn’t be involving myself with people like you.” Betty whispered into the crook of (Y/N)’s neck, her warmth making (Y/N) melt.

“They can’t lock you in here forever, Bet. We have to figure something out, I-I could get my parents to speak with yours and see if-” (Y/N) was cut off by Betty placing her lips onto theirs. (Y/N) moved their hands to Betty’s waist and Betty wrapped hers around her neck. Moving their lips in sync slowly, savouring the moment. The two pulled away for air, resting their foreheads against one another.

“I’m working on it. My dad isn’t so against the idea of you and I together, he’s trying to talk some sense into my mom.” Those words comforted them both, and would have to do for now. (Y/N) nodded their head, before placing a soft kiss to Betty’s lips once more.

“They can’t keep us apart for long.”

“No indeed.


the world she draws by Rona Keller
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there is so much beauty in watching someone do what they love Lisa in Prague film, late July 2017 (this was scanned from a print, hence the quality)