Flashback Friday Vid of The Week: Kelis “Rumble”

Flashback Friday is here again and we’re dead in the middle of autumn, the foliage is changing, and the air smells like crisp cinnamon pinecones and brown sugar. We’re now reaching for our scarfs, leather gloves, and pumpkin spice everything and yes Netflix & Chil. So, the best way to roll into this 1st weekend of November is with one of the freshest and coolest eclectic artists out there; singer and chef Kelis with “Rumble”. This track is off of her most recent music contribution ‘FOOD’. The vid is a causally eclectic and serene; taking place in the middle of a lake in the Poconos with just Kelis in a slick red leather jacket and hunting galoshes…(only she could pull this look off effortlessly as usual). Get into the fall spirit with this woodsy and groovy flashback of the week. 


Kelis: Rumble


Kelis’ SXSW 2014 Food Truck

Kelis X Le Bun restaurant | Food Review

Foodies I recently attended Kelis X Le Bun’s pop up restaurant. I was informed that Chef Kelis left an hour before I arrived to perform at the Jazz Cafe. Below I have given a review of each dish.

Starters | The Seabass Ceviche, Summer Citrus was delicious. The peppers gave it a pop of spice which meshed well with the fish. Very nice wish I could have more.

Now the Carnival Corn- charred corn, Truffle Aioli, Parmesan, Fire Roasted Chilli was okay, flavours I would not normally pair together tasted very nice. The corn was too charred for my taste buds as displayed in the picture. The other side of the corn was fine.

The Yucca Oxtail Poutine, Aged Gruyere I did not enjoy. The oxtail was incredibly salty and lacked flavour. Apart from the oxtail the rest of the dish was nice. I wasn’t a fan of the Pho Get Me Not it. We were informed by staff it was a food dish when it tasted like a natural stomach cleanser we had tasted before and of course stomach cleansers do not taste great, it had a bitter taste. Upon speaking to a chef we were informed it was a drink designed to cleanse the stomach after eating which made sense.

Arepas Trio; Ropa Vieja smoked bacon queso fresco aji arepa, Coconut kidney bean queso fresco arepa, Spicy tuna sour mango charred pineapple scotch bonnet purple arepas was delicious, simply divine, tasted like heaven.

The Bun Trio; Tuffle Aji Cheeseburger rare bread patty American cheese ruffle mayo aji, Shredded flank steak wild cherry espresso BBQ sauce pickled cucumber, Duck confit sesame glaze yucca fries truffle radish apple slaw was incredible one of my favourite dishes that I ate, the flavours literally burst in my mouth all at once, beautiful.

Bonus Dishes: The Cornbread was incredible, so moist, soft with great flavours. I could have eaten a few more slices. The mince and sauce was okay, next to the cornbread they did not compare.

The Mini baguette was okay.

Dessert | A Happy Ending; Not sure of the name of the fruit but it was great paired with coconut milk and almonds. This tasted amazing and was the perfect dish to end the courses.

I would give the overall experience an 8/10 great value for money and I look forward to seeing where Kelis goes next with her food very enjoyable experience.