kelimutu crater lake

Bucket List! 

Places I plan to see before I die!

“Salt Flat”, Bolivia ↴

“Kelimutu Crater Lakes”, Flores Island, Indonesia ↴

Venice, Italy ↴

“Sea of Stars”, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives ↴

“Paranol Observatory”, Atacama Desert, Chile ↴

“Starlight Reserve”, Tenerife, Canary Islands ↴

“Kyaut Sae Cave”, Myanmar ↴

“Batu Cave”, Malaysia ↴

Naxos, Greece ↴

“Aurora Borealis”, Alaska ↴

Scottish Highlands ↴

“Mauritius Island”, Indian Ocean ↴

“Black Sand Beach”, Vik, Iceland ↴

and finally:

“Melissani Cave”, Kefalonia Island, Greece!


The Lakes of Kelimutu - Indonesia

The lakes of Kelimutu are three crater lakes which change colors(black, blue, green, and red) overtime due to volcanic activity that started millions of years ago.

Locals consider this place to be sacred. They believe that the lakes change colors according to the souls of the dead that end up there. The east lake is also called “tiwu ata polo” or the lake for evil spirits, while the center lake is known as “tiwu nua muri koo fai” or the lake for young souls, while the west lake is called “tiwu ata mbupu” or the lake for the souls of the elderly and wise people.