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How does your cat feel about the new addition to the family?

When we first brought the baby into the house, Roman was very curious. He went right up to the baby and gave her a sniff.

Pretty soon, though, the baby started crying. Wailing. Roman was utterly terrified by this.

The hair stood up on his back, his tail got bushy, and he proceeded to hiss and growl at the baby. We’d never heard him do either! In fact, the last time we’d seen such a reaction was when we brought little Roman home to meet Keli, our other cat. We’d never heard her hiss or growl either—ever—but she hissed and growled at tiny little Roman, who was just a baby kitten. It took time, but eventually they warmed to each other.

Anyway, that was Roman’s reaction to the baby. Keli, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber. In fact, after Roman started growling, Keli ran up and stood between Roman and the baby, glaring at him. And thereafter, whenever we sat down with the baby, Keli sat next to us, watching Roman, and she’d chase him away if he got too close.

(That’s her, the black fluff behind my shoulder.)

Eventually, Keli and Roman had a sit down, and she set him straight.

Since then, Roman has been a very good brother to Meridian. Whenever she cries, he comes up in concern to see what’s wrong and if he can help. And when she’s asleep, he likes to curl up nearby and keep watch.

And now we live happily ever after. :)

Though Roman is still a little beast.

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Do you get tired of only getting asks asking you how to say stuff? Or only tired of people asking this question??

Nah, I just get tired. Or rather right now I’m tired. Sometimes I’m not tired. Now isn’t one of those times. Bed is calling me. Coolest thing about bed is it’s always there waiting for you. It rarely collapses beneath your weight. Or erupts in flames. And now that waterbeds are a thing of the past (right?), it’s very difficult to drown in bed. These are all major pros when it comes to evaluating the worth of bed. If you count dreams as occurrences, some of the most incredible things in my life have happened in bed. Like I was afraid of snakes once. That doesn’t happen in real life, because snakes are awesome, but I actually had a dream that made me feel afraid of snakes once, and when I woke it was weird to think, “Whoa. I was just afraid of snakes for a little bit.” Then it went away because snakes are awesome and it’s silly to be afraid of them. Just treat them with respect. I kind of wish I could work in bed, but that really doesn’t work. Not even playing video games. It really is just for sleeping. Well. Not just sleeping. But I like to keep this thing PG. (Well, except for the things I reblog, I guess. But reblogging doesn’t count. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m not saying this! No one can say I ever wrote this! This may or may not represent my opinions, but you don’t know, because it’s not me writing this! I’m just passing along the information!” I’ve actually come up with an intricate system of when to reblog, when to reblog and favorite, and when to just favorite. FYI I rarely just favorite. Seriously, what is that? Favorites are nothing. Empty notes. Like neutrons. They count for nothing. Just dead weight. They sicken me with their…neutrality.)

The moral of this story is this: Get a memory foam mattress. Best investment you’ll ever make. Definitely not like that one shirt you get where you say, “Will I wear this? I mean, I could. I could be a person that wears this. Yeah. Yeah! I will be that person!” You won’t. I got one shirt up there… I did wear it once, but as a “jacket”. Never been bold enough to even wear it as intended. It’s been worn once. I’m not that guy. I couldn’t do it.

You and others, though, can ask me to say whatever. After all, I don’t have to answer. And given the number of asks I have, there’s really no difference between not answering at all and not answering yet. I’m never going to see the end of this list of asks unless I go the Wil Wheaton route and start answering asks with a single sentence. (E.g. ASK: “How do you say x in y?” RESPONSE: “dunno”.) I don’t think I need to do that yet (I have asks in the hundreds, not the hundred thousands). What I do need to do is go to bed. It’s closer to 5 than 4 right now. That’s not good. So I’m’a do it. This is it. Going to sleep right…now.

(Note: This response will be queued, of course, as my responses generally are, and, thus, will be posting some time during the day nearly a week after I wrote it. Assume I went to bed and then fell straight into a deep sleep without staying up thinking about nothing and then the next day I woke up and was super productive and also gave someone an awesome high five. For all intents and purposes, seeing as we can’t travel back in time, that happened. It’s a fact of my history. I can say that confidently since it hasn’t happened yet at the time of writing, but certainly will have at the time of posting. Totally positive that’s how things go down in my life: instant, untroubled sleep, and wicked-ass high fives. That sounds like me 100%. And here’s a photo to prove it:

(Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh boy! Check out that awesome cat! And she just gave me a wicked-ass high five! You can’t see it because this is a 2D photo; haven’t invented 4D yet, to my knowledge [unless it’s just video. Holograms?]. We’ll get there, though. We’ll get there.)

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How to get rid of cat ear mites?

Take your kitty to the vet and follow the vet’s instructions! Seriously, do not mess around with ear mites. My poor kitty Keli had them when we first got her, and they tormented her so. :( We took her to the vet, she told us she had ear mites, and she prescribed her something that cleared them up for good. Now she’s a happy, healthy cat. :)

That is my PSA for the day. Take care of your kitties! They’re are nation’s most precious natural resource!

Ας ήμουνα στα ‘80 ρόδα, τσάντα και ρετσίνα 
κι όχι στην εποχή μου πουστιά, λάδωμα και πείνα,
ας ήμουνα ρεμάλι, της Φωκιώνος παρτάλι
ή ζάλη από πιώμα στου ονείρου την αιθάλη.
Ας ήμουν φοιτητής για ελευθερία πριζωμένος
απέναντι σε τανκς πάνω σε κάγκελα πιασμένος
όχι στο τηλεάστυ με το μικροτσιπ στο χέρι
αντάρτης του '40  χωρίς acta, cia.
Ας ήμουν καραβάνι Ισπανικό με τον Τζιμάκο για καπετάνιο πάνω στο ερπετό να κάνω σάλτο σα να'ταν επανάσταση όπως ο Che στη Κούβα,
καταραμένος ποιητής σαν τον Pablo Neruda