black queer lady artists

Be Steadwell - Self described “Queer pop” musician. Her style mixes soul with acapella and folk, and her lyrics are usually explicitly gay. Her latest album “Queer love songs” should be on all our pride playlists.

Domo Wilson - 23 year old lesbian rapper/independent artist and youtuber. She released her debut album “hear me now” this year and it’s very emotional and heartfelt. I’d also reccomend checking out her videos!

IAMDDB - I swear this woman is some kind of gay even if I don’t know what. She says everything she does is “for her ladies” Her music has been described as “Trap-Jazz” and her song “Shade” is a current favorite.

Janelle Monae - Bi/Pan concept album mastermind. Her music is very hard to describe, but maybe alt-pop heavily influenced by hiphop? Also she can rap! Just listen to “Django Jane.” She released an album this year titled “Dirty Computer” and a gay accompanying short film of the same name.

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Kehlani - Queer contemporary r&b/neo soul artist. Listen to “Honey.” She also did an amazing song with Hayley Kiyoko, as well as some very gay lyrics on other peoples tracks. Her verses in “Playinwitme”, “Body Count” and “Icy GRL” are some examples.

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Kelela - Queer Ethiopian-American Alternative r&b/Electronic musician. She’s very inspiring, has a lot of interesting takes on the music industry, and makes awesome music.

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Kodie Shane - One of my all time favorite artists, Kodie Shane is like a queer hiphop goddess delivering more and more gay energy upon us every year since she started. Listen to everything she’s ever made. Start with “Sing to her”, it’s her latest single.

Syd/The Internet - Syd is a lesbian r&b artist who also fronts the r&b group The Internet. She regularly uses feminine language in her songs and her mvs are the greatest things ever. Also, look at that cute lil smile!

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Tiara Thomas - Tiara is a pop/hiphop/r&b artist. She’ll never label her sexuality because she doesn’t want it to become bigger than her music. Some gay songs are “Retro 1’s” and “I’m still at the bar.”

Tiffany Gouche - Lesbian r&b/soul singer. Her EP “Pillowtalk” is good as hell and she recently released three new singles “Queen Tings”, “Dive” and “Down.”


LMK (What’s Really Good remix) by Kelela ft. Princess Nokia, CupcakKe, Junglepussy, and Ms. Boogie.

Kelela just released a remix of LMK featuring some of the best female rappers. No shade all tea.

LMK is a part of “TAKE ME APART, THE REMIXES” out 5 October which features Kaytranada, Rare Essence and more, marking the one year anniversary of the release of Kelela’s debut album. ‘