Lynda Day, HBIC of all
  • Lynda:I see.
  • Sarah:You see what?
  • Lynda:Well, I assumed you were too busy to do the interview. I assumed there was a good reason. Other than spite.
  • Sarah:Come on, Lynda, we've talked this through! You know it's not spite!
  • Lynda:Then what is it? You're available for this interview, aren't you? Don't I even rate one last parting gesture?
  • Sarah:Of course you do!
  • Lynda:Then why won't you do the interview?
  • Sarah:I'm going to do the interview, I was always going to! Kind of...
  • Lynda:Forget it, I'll send someone else.
  • Sarah:No, I'll do it.
  • Lynda:I'll send someone else!
  • Sarah:I want to do it! I insist on doing it!
  • Lynda:Sarah!
  • Sarah:Look, I don't care what you say! I'm doing this interview, and I'm doing it now, okay? And maybe that will finally prove to you that my quitting the Gazette is to do with me, not you. Because believe it or not, there are still one or two things which happen in this world, which have absolutely nothing to do with Lynda Day! [Gets ready to leave, stops at the door.] And this isn't one of them. Can you explain to me how I just argued myself into doing what you wanted me to do in the first place? You are a devious, unfeeling, calculating, manipulative bitch!
  • Lynda:Well, you were asking what made me a better choice for editor.
  • Sarah:Of all my best friends, you are the one I hate most.
  • Lynda:So, are you going to do the interview for me?