Around the Block & Back // 2013 - 2014 

Here is the first page of my comic memoirs.

Last year, a bout of mania left me with 50 pages of ‘a comic book script’ which upon examination, was actually just doodles and soundbites from the best, worst and most chaotic period of my life. 

After the long winter that was 2014, I was finally able to translate some impressions of this thing I used to be.

It is with intense trust and love and that I share with the world Around the Block & Back, a story about making out, making it up and making it out alive. 




tesla coils

that haven’t been maintained

from that science faire

what was it?

in ninety eight

you grew too fast overnight

and all yr shirts had shrunken

to show yr belt

and yr arms

ribbons of poster board

about the waterstain

upon the hard wood floors

once upon a time

you were a rainbow

before you took up

bleach as a hobby

a year ago,

i was swimming

a year from now

does not exist


early twenties widow sits on a chaise lounge covered in blood red velvet. she is wearing a collar made from the furry bodies of three albino ermine. a black fender knockoff sits on top of two brandless amplifiers cased in stainless steel, regurgitating vibrations and signals as feedback. a trained piglet wearing a diamond collar fetches cigarettes and chantrelles. she watches the swaying palms and their skinny necks and laughs.


my mother was the moon

but i am just a rock

full of holes and calcium

my father is an eagle

and i have no feathers

just hands

in java, my little brother

played with shadow puppets

and spoke to neri

the snakes were well behaved

particularly insightful

for a thursday night

i climbed into the well

only to get wrinkled toes

and blue lips

no one laughs

when she runs into


but her

and what else really matters?