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about remus; no matter how hard he tried to push it away, to the back corner of his mind and where no one would see, every trudge up the astronomy tower brought an indistinct but powerful anxiety to the pit of his stomach. he told himself it was stupid. it was just the sky, just the moon, just a collection of dust and magic. he usually met hogwarts and its secrets with a heady mixture of avidity and reverence, but astronomy he could never convince himself to love.

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so i know feminism is hella important, as is feminine-power, but perhaps in the future you can do a series on world wide wizards to watch?? honestly, i would just love to see some masculine-power spreads.

I have considered this, and I did wonder if I might get a question on this. 

I chose to do feminine-identifying wixes because Witch Weekly is a canonical publication which is oft-mentioned, and seems to have a consistently female readership, and seems to largely be about women (see Rita Skeeter’s article on Hermione in the books). I’d feel a lot more comfortable doing a post for masculine-identifying individuals if there was a comparative publication in canon.

If anyone wants to do a series on masculine-identifying wixes then I would happily post it, but I personally find it harder to make and develop male or masculine-identifying characters, so it would be a lot harder for me to do a series on masculine-identifying wixes than feminine. If I get the inspiration to do it then I may, but as-is? It seems unlikely.

I am sorry, and I do know this is unfair, which is why if someone is willing or wants to do their own series, of canon and OC’s or just OC’s, I will happily post it. I just doubt I could easily come up with suitable numbers of OCs and canon characters to do it myself.

I know the magical world is supposed to have gender equality - the whole “once you give someone a wand a lot of the racist/sexist/etc judgements they make can be easily disproven by way of magic” - and I agree that having some similar ones for masculine-identifying wixes would be awesome. But as-is I do not think I can easily do them myself, due to not always being particularly great at making male characters and due to being almost tapped out for ideas with this Witch Weekly series here and the Japanese folklore series I’m doing on themonsterblogofmonsters.

If someone does say they are willing to make and submit a comparative series for masculine-identifying wixes I will be very glad to post them, but unless that happens I’m afraid likelihood is low for a fairly long while.

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hi :) so, i love lydia's style, and i want to dress more like her in general. i don't wear many skirts, and dresses take some time to save up for. i was thinking of buying lots of skirts with the back-to-school sales that are coming up, but do you have any advice for tops? i'm rubbish with tops. she seems to favor plain t-shirts / button-ups. but do you have any advice to keep in mind? (oh! i live in the south, so please stuff that wouldn't sweat through easily. it's gross, i know.)

well, to sum up Lydia’s tops, you should get more:

  • button downs - plain, polka dot, embroidered, gingham
  • plain crop tops
  • oversized print tops like check or plaid
  • floral lace blouses

    If you want me to look for something specific, message us again. Hope this helped, good luck.
    - Sani x

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I saw that someone rec'd Tamora Pierce. She's one of my Favorite Authors of All Time (this includes Maggie Stiefvater, Cassie Clare, and Scott Westerfeld). Depending on which series you pick, the stories (and characters) can be somewhat juvenile. But! The people extremely lovable, and the setting is interesting *and* amusing. For a first-time reader of Pierce, I would suggest the series Protector of the Small. That's how I started, anyways.

For the anon looking for fantasy books! Check these out! Thanks for the recs!