Pakipi Headcanon (Winter Nights)

Kekipi and Pagan only knew each other for a few months and started getting to the point they were real comfortable with each other (not sexy adult time yet). By this time winter had set in so when Kekipi would get cold, she would quietly creep into Pagan’s room to quickly ease into his bed and right into his arms.
Pagan would be startled slightly by her just climbing into his bed all of a sudden. He would just lay there for a few minutes before wrapping his arms around her, having fall asleep all warm. ;;u;;

A lot of people sent my girlfriend very kind asks today, and I just wanted to say thank you. It really means a lot to have support from you, whether we know you well or not. We can not thank you enough for your kindness and acceptance, it's nice to see even just a few friendly faces on this website. We are so gracious to have received your messages of support, and though we may not to be able to physically show our thanks, know that we have an undying gratitude for what you've done for us-- Every kind word counts.