Finding the Truth

It has been almost a year now since Kekipi had known X, Raven, and their team. She knew so much but yet so little. She knew very little of their past and wanted to know more. She knew she couldn’t ask because they seemed to be secretive about it. Kekipi would have to find the answers herself.

While most of the team were off on a mission, she’d begin finding clues. She’d start in X’s room, quietly looking through his room to find any clues if their past. She would have to be out before they’d get back though, not wanting to get caught.



     A loud crash was the first thing she heard when entered the house. The bags in her arms were dropped as she rushed to the back room. She only stopped when she was outside the door. Having first expected to find a burglar she quickly realized it was indeed her friend. Something was wrong but she couldn’t be sure. Only one way to find out. Her hand trembled as she pressed against the wooden door, listening to it creak open.

          “Kekipi?” She called, voice shaking slightly. The she-wolf had always been there to pick Milo up but she couldn’t remember Kekipi ever breaking down. Even when her pelt was out of sight she had always remained rather cool. Something was terribly wrong. Swallowing, she stepped into the room, careful to avoid the broken glass at her feet.

An Unbreakable Bond

Kekipi had just finished getting ready to go out with Kamiizumi that night. They had been dating for a year now and thought it would be nice to go out and have a little bit of fun on their anniversary. Kekipi had something to give him, wanting him to know how much he meant to her.

Kekipi came downstairs, running her hands through hair as she looked around. She figured Kamiizumi was still getting ready. Once she saw him, she smiled, “You look handsome tonight, Kamiizumi,” she softly coped at him.


The she-wolf had been out in the woods, getting her daily walk in. It was early in the morning, the fog within the forest gave it a eerie feel to it. That was something Kekipi liked. She softly sighed, listening to her surroundings. All she could hear was birds hear and there but then she heard footsteps…

She quickly looked around, a quiet growl escaping her before she hid. She’d wait to see who it was. She didn’t want to take the chance of it being a hunter.


How Times Have Passed {Closed for Soul-of-Thunder}

Time had gone by since the she-wolf came across the dragon, Hanzo. She had wondered what had happened to him over the time they had went into separate paths. It had been, what? A month or two? What ever it was, Kekipi figured she wouldn’t meet with him any time soon. She figured he was somewhere miles away. 

Kekipi quietly padded through the forest, listening to the sounds of the animals and wind around her before looking around. She heard footsteps. She smelled the air, picking up the scent of gunpowder and silver. Hunters. She let out a low growl before looking around for a safe place. She quickly looked up and scaled up into a tree, finding shelter among leaves. She’d wait until they passed, watching them through the leaves but then got another scent.

The scent was familiar… Too familiar… Hanzo? What was he still doing around here? Hopefully the hunters wouldn’t approach him, thinking he was nothing but a normal human.


Bruised and Torn


Kamiizumi had never wanted this.

And yet he was staring at himself, and at the carnage around him. He looked up at Kekipi, and he wanted to move to her, but at the same time he knew he was soaked in blood, head-to-toe. He wasn’t sure if he should get any closer to her.

The two had been travelling together, as per usual. Kamiizumi thought it would be okay to travel through the Eisen Region. The civil war had ended at least a year ago. Yes, he expected a little hostility towards him, but…

He didn’t think it would get this bad.

A number of former Swordbearers and even Shieldbearers alike had taken it upon themselves to take vengeance. Kamiizumi had been the leader of the Black Blades, after all, and had helped the Swordbearers start the civil war in the first place upon the duchy’s orders back then. Kamiizumi and Kekipi had no trouble fighting them off, at first, but then most if not all the enemies ganged up on Kekipi…

And no, Kamiizumi was not going to allow any of them to harm her. He could still feel bits of the blind rage in his bones, and he clearly recalled all the blood he spilt as he hacked them apart with his blade. No one was going to touch her. No one. No one—!

But as he stood, looking at the corpses of the dead enemies, he felt this guilt burn within him. And the worst, sickest part had been that he enjoyed killing them.

What have I done…?

“K-Kekipi…” Kamiizumi sunk to his knees, gazing at the corpses of the men around him, dropping his katana on the ground as he tried not to break into sobs.

“D-don’t look. P-please don’t look..”

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✗ // maybe a drabble? XD but whatever you want dear.

✗ - for a drunken kiss

Her world was slightly changing in front of her eyes. Her eyes were beginning to dilate, a thin ring of her irises could be seen now that her pupils were large enough to hide them in the dark void of her eyes. She didn’t remember how much she drank, but she knew it was a lot. She shook her head, softly giggling before glancing at Nigel.

Nigel. The one who she had saved. The one who had saved her in return. The friend that calls her wolfie. She smiled at fanged smile at him, giggling softly before slowly scooting towards him. Her eyes examining his face before her hand gently reached up. Her fingers gently brushing against his stubbled cheek, her thumb lightly caressing it. 

She blinked for a moment before she began to grin again, softly giggling. She was drunk off her ass. She tilts her head to the side slightly, leaning in and pressing her lips against his, softly purring in the kiss before pulling away, pressing her forehead against his, giggling a little bit more. She hadn’t realized what she had done just then but it would hit her soon.

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GET A ROOM | Closed


Kekipi was expecting Milo and Pallas to come over to her place, but also had a surprise guest coming to meet them. She figured that they would be late as normal, knowing Milo. With that, her and her “guest” catch up with each other after being apart for so long.. Though she had forgotten she had the door unlocked for Milo and Pallas, even though Pallas had a key to her place after adopting her.