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EXO Reaction to finding out their girlfriend is a super hero

I want to be Wonder Woman xD kekekeke, Admin A~

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“So… if I become a villain.. you’ll come looking for me and punish me and give me attention?” *So naughty xD*


“I already knew this… You’ve always been my hero babe.” *Feels like superman*


“So you are a super hero hm? Tell me.. does it comes with super tricks too?” *He is so turned on by this xD*


“WOOHOOO! Can we go flying?!!? Please please pretty please?!” *Someone’s really excited*


“We need to talk about this jagi. I know you want to save everyone but… who’s going to save you? I don’t have super powers but… please relay on me. I worry, please be safe”


“Every day I fall in love more and more with you… You are just perfect… your heart is so pure. Hero or not, you’ll always be my angel”


“This is all very nice and everything but… you seriously don’t think you can go out with that skirt right? I can see everything and you are not even flying” *Jelly/protective bf*


“That superhero… she looks like a girl I know… kinda like my girl… no no can’t be… she said tonight was a girls’ night… can’t be her…” *Always suspicious but never sure it’s you*


“All this time time… you’ve heard me fangirling… while keeping it from me?! I can’t believe it! I’m not even angry, because you are my favorite heroine!” 


*Becomes even more dedicated in his role as hubby/boyfriend* “My jagi needs to eat healthy if she wants to save all those people… please eat this. It’s my family’s secret recipe”


*He can’t believe it* “Can you really fly? I always knew you were an angel~” *So sweet*


“You might have superpowers, but you still need to be in a good condition! Tomorrow morning, we’ll start our training!” *Suho mama role on*

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