kekeke so cute


Here are gifs of sunshine Jinki being booped on the head and laughing too hard afterwards.

(AKA BTS hyung #348372 both teasing and adoring Lee Jinki at the same time)


Healer - the DVD teaser teasing us… [x]


One of the fanart that won in the wonho fanart project, this is legit the cutest fanart i’ve seen

Cr: The owner

[FANACCS] 151103 TaeNy at Onstyle Live Daily Taeng9Cam Guerilla Concert
  • Today, Taeyeon used “Hwang Miyoung” a lot kekeke. Taeyeon was talking but Fany didn’t understand it so she said, “Our American friend Hwang Miyoung doesn’t seem to understand what I said” kekeke. I don’t remember exactly but I think the name “Hwang Miyoung” came out of Taeyeon’s lips about 3 times kekeke 
  •  Tiffany today was deadly She kept acting pretty/cute in front of Taeyeon and it was so cute kekeke. Taeyeon who saw it kept smiling and they were both so adorableㅠㅠ Fany kept laughing like eu-heu-heu while Taeyeon kept grinning, the two were just so heartwarming to see. <3
  • Fany kept saying that if she had a “Daily Fany Cam” program, Taeyeon would be a permanent guest on it.
  • Tiffany said she guessed which Kaonashi was Taeyeon based on the smell of her perfume.

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