kekeke =)

You know you’ve made it as an artist when you’re accused of tracing :^)

In other news: My internet just upgraded so i wanna start doing art streams.. maybe.. if people are interested in watching me sketch, i mean trace ofc kekek.

170817 Namjoon’s Tweet

막내한테 톡을 보내 보았다 #RM

I tried sending a message to our maknae #RM

[Message Translations]
RM: Both of these are your style.
RM: Good
RM: Sond (T/N: he made a typo)
RM: Sound
JK: I’ve listened to both too many times haha kekeke
RM: ㅜㅜ (T/N: equivalent of a sad face)
JK: Kekekekeke
JK: It’s because I listen to songs like these all the time.
RM: Somehow I had the feeling you would know these.

Trans cr: Christie @ allforbts
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ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ (we’re happy whenever you’re happy and healthy so please don’t starve yourselves or work out frantically just for us fans ;;;)

Practice like you have never won!

Day 2 for @cullenappreciationweek. Experienced warriors vs new recruits.

Cullen is always ready to yell teach all the new recruits how to fight properly, and more importantly, how to defend themselves in a real battle. Inquisition need a strong army and Cullen is more than eager to make that happen. He is no doubt an exceptional skilled warrior. After all battles he’s been through, surely he has lots of things to share with the newbies. I’m sure this is one of the things he looks forward to while he’s in the Inquisition :D

I hope I’m not too faraway from the original idea for day 2

[translations] 2017.07.06 NCT 127 First Anniversary Event fan accounts - Rolling Paper

Taeil -> Johnny
Chicago monster bro. I love your physiques, are you perhaps a model? Thank you for always looking out for the rest of the members by taking on the role of the middle man. [chewchew_do]

Taeil -> Taeyong
Your features are so beautiful. Your eyes nose lips, no, I love everything about you [cheetahparrot]

Taeil -> Yuta
Yukkuri ….. ????? (fan accounts say that yuta was laughing so hard that he couldn’t read it)

Taeil -> Doyoung
How are you? Cutie. Every time I see your shoulders I think you are so handsome. I’m fine thank you bro [dukduk0614]

Taeil -> Jaehyun
Jaehyun I like your burning passion, in the future please burn that bright and pass the passion on to the remaining members as well [chin9deura]

Taeil -> Winwin
Ni Hao, Dong Si Cheng. I heard you play games really badly, practice more. Anyway you are so cute. I think you have gotten used to living in Korea, and gotten close with the members. Dong Si Cheng, Wo Ai Ni [nct_victory]

Taeil -> Mark
Cute. You are so cute. I can always feel a lot of things when I’m with you. Thank you bro [markleezzang]

Taeil -> Haechan
Our Lee Haechan who usually joke a lot but lately you became quiet. However now I like how you are joking around again. We nag at you is because we like you. I’m thankful that you are doing the role of the maknae well, and became the mood-maker too. Bye bye I love you [xzzanx]

Johnny -> Taeil
I am an only child in the family. But because hyung was by my side I was able to feel how is it like to have an older brother. I feel really happy and secured with hyung by my side. I am always thankful for that. Even though hyung don’t express it, but I know you like me a lot. I love you hyung. [chin9deura]

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