Practice like you have never won!

Day 2 for @cullenappreciationweek. Experienced warriors vs new recruits.

Cullen is always ready to yell teach all the new recruits how to fight properly, and more importantly, how to defend themselves in a real battle. Inquisition need a strong army and Cullen is more than eager to make that happen. He is no doubt an exceptional skilled warrior. After all battles he’s been through, surely he has lots of things to share with the newbies. I’m sure this is one of the things he looks forward to while he’s in the Inquisition :D

I hope I’m not too faraway from the original idea for day 2

  • jk: jimin
  • jk: I just wanna say..ha-happy Valentine's day
  • jk: I mean, yes I'm not that cheesy type but ya know it's valentine and u really meant to me and I really love making u laugh and smile and I want you to hold u all night and-
  • jm: [putting down his headphones] sorry kookie, I was listening music. what did you say??
  • jk: u srsly fucking kidding me right.