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make me choose: [t] noir or one shot [by (2) anonymous]


UM so I just made a bunch of yoi christmas icons and got a bit too carried away.. But anyways feel free to use them!!

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Scream Queens icon pack

by ellibellabee (ellibellabeedit)

  • Libby Putney (Chanel #5)
  • Chanel Oberlin (Chanel #1)
  • Sadie Swenson (Chanel #3)
  • Zayday Williams
  • Hester Ulrich (Chanel #6)
  • Grace Gardner

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In this post, you will find [156] gif icons of the beautiful Keke Palmer. These were requested by anonymous, and I do not own the gifs used, I did however find them all in this gif hunt. If any of the gifs are yours and you would like them removed, please don’t hesitate to send us a message! I did crop all of these. These were created by Sophie, and a like/reblog would be greatly appreciated! I apologise for any duplicates but I tried my hardest to make sure there weren’t any. Please note this will be updated in the future with more!

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Credit ; queenscorch 🔫