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170412 - Twitter - Daehyun

@_Aris_com: 근데 저 니트는. 브이앱 눕방 그 니트 아니던가!!!!!! 잘때 입는 옷이 아니였던건가!!!!!!! 그날 브이앱하려고 졸린 와중에 옷 갈아입었던건가!!!!!! 우리 대현이 프로아이도루 ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

@BAP_Daehyun: 후훗… 틀렸어요  잠옷을그대로입고나온거랍니다…ㅋㅋ

Fan: But isn’t that knitwear. Isn’t it the knitwear worn during the V app lying-down broadcast that day!!!!!! Isn’t that what you wear when you sleep!!!!!!! Did you change your clothes while being sleepy just for the V app broadcast that day!!!!!! Our daehyun is a pro idol ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Daehyun: Hoohoot…You’re wrong(,) I just came out wearing my pyjamas…keke

@TaracenaCindy: So cute ! 😭💜💜

@BAP_Daehyun: thank you☺️

@outrowangs: hi!! how are you?

@BAP_Daehyun: show ready!!!

@qothdbs007: 으앙 학굔데 멘파에여…??? 

  @BAP_Daehyun: 공부열심히하고와 👍

Fan: Ahh I’m at school(,) are you doing a mention party…??? 

Daehyun: Come back after studying well 

@js97jasmine: 베이비들이 비에이피를 보고싶어합니다😜

 @BAP_Daehyun: 비에이피들이 베이비를 보고싶어합니다☺️

Fan: BABYs miss B.A.P😜

Daehyun: B.A.P misses BABYs☺️

@xxnordaexx: 오빠 오늘 잘해요 바래요 💓💓💓 화이팅 힘내요 💋

@BAP_Daehyun: 응 잘하고올게  ㅎㅎ

Fan: I hope you do well today 💓💓💓  Fighting(,) find strength 💋  

Daehyun: Yes(,) I will do well and come back hehe

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melonsmellinfelon  asked:

not a school-related story but...when i was 3 or 4 years old, i realized i didn't know how to read and i was devastated. i cried for hours at a time every time i tried to look at the words in a book and i couldn't read them. so my mom started to point out and sound out the words in the books while she read them to me. so i started learning how to read at age 4, before i could even write my own name. i ended up with a college reading level by age 11. keke

That’s…so….cute! Wow, that sounds so amazing, your mom sounds awesome!

I remember when I first recognized that someone was writing my name. I felt so important!

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“You enjoying the day?”
“Yes, of course! It’s the TCAs, man!”

Video from Keke Palmer’s Snapchat (keekthasneak). This was captioned “I LOVE Aaron’s sense of humour!”… Post-group photo session at TCA16.

Completes the AT TCA16 Snapchat reel with “TCA16″ and “We Go Together.”

10-video TCA16 compilation from Keke Palmer’s Snapchat (keekthasneak). Features the press briefing (largely for Aaron in a vest at the far end of the table…), a brief pre-panel clip, and the group photo session. This compilation includes every TCA16 Snapchat clip from Keke Palmer with a glimpse of Aaron EXCEPT for “We Go Together” and “Enjoying the Day.”