Three of my most recent sculptures of a series of lotus shaped pillows encased and displayed as art. The series is entitled “Beauties of the Greenhouse”. I’m attempting at combining my interest in traditional Chinese and Japanese art, Pop Art and Surrealism.

The pillows depict moments from the garden with ancient Chinese ruyi floating around. Ruyi are three lobed coil clouds that represent one’s hopes and dreams. Thus the pieces become clouds themselves. However these clouds are forever sealed and stuck behind coating that keeps them in our presence.

I sewed and stuffed the pillows, painted the subject matter and then solidified the lotuses so that when hung on the wall, they loose all purpose and become weightless and hang like the ruyi depicted on the sculptures.

More pieces from the series to come. I plan on completing 9 sculptures for a solo show at Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ in October.

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