tag meme (?)

Thanks for tagging me @cuddlylance :D

Nickname: Fawn and Tangy

Zodiac: Aries

Height: 5′7 

Favorite music artist: Imagine Dragons as of right now lol

Last thing i googled: backwards sneezing in dogs

Last movie i saw: Moana. I’m watching wonder woman tomorrow tho

Why did i choose my url: Fawn comes from my old warrior cat oc name and vanilla comes from an old url I used for gaming sites

Do i have any other blogs: My art blog @fawnmisty and my inspiration blog @fawns-antlers. I also have @keithgifs @lance-gifs and @klancegifs but i rarely update them or use them lol

What did your last relationship teach you: I don’t need that mess in my life lmao

Religious or spiritual: My family’s Buddhist so take that what you will

Favourite colour: Monotone colors and fall colors I guess?

average hours of sleep: 7-9 

Lucky number: Dont really have one??? 24 or 36 if i had to choose

How many blankets do i sleep with: AS MANY AS POSSIBLE (2-5)

Favourite Character: Keith and Slav

Dream job: Something in the art industry would be nice. Maybe marine biology

Gonna tag: @memelordandsavior @thespace-dragon @xenavitani @yaxxm

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