keithcameron  asked:

Hey have you painted anything new lately

I did some gouache things yesterday. I was going to do some oil painting tonight but I got too tired and sat down on my couch and watched the two most recent episodes of Walking Dead. I have a finished mid-size painting that I’ll photograph this weekend though and I will always continue to edit the 120+ gouaches that are yet to be documented for antiquity…

keithcameron  asked:

What do you like about Cy Twombly and what significance does he have in modern art?

I like the ecstatic honesty in his work. He drew such perfect lines. I just think his work is beautiful I can’t even really articulate it anymore. Nothing else really captivates me the way a Twombly does.

As for his significance, I think he played a large role in freeing up gesture in all the ways that abstract expressionism failed. I can’t really articulate it beyond that. I think it’s also important how he really stood alone. He was close with a few Americans and had his cliche of Italians but really he kept to himself. I think he addressed classism in a noteworthy way as well. Modern art at time was very much about shedding the old but Twombly tried to recycle it rather than only push beyond it. 

I dunno. He was great. His work is great.