Keith and Shiro Bro’s AU

here are some sad bro!au things I came up with bc I hate myself

  • Shiro is 19
  • Keith is 14
  • they were going to the movies with their parents when they got hit by a drunk driver running a red while they were trying to turn left on a green arrow
  • Shiro tried to cover Keith, but only succeeded in covering him with his right arm
  • Shiro had been going to Garrison University for over a year and was on winter break
    • a very kind donor paid for their hospital bills and Shiro’s prosthetic
  • Shiro fought tooth and nail with CPS to be able to keep Keith
  • being the University’s golden boy, Shiro was able to work with them and another extremely kind donor to make a deal:
    • his apartment would be paid for
    • they would be given a monthly allotment of money to cover food, bills, etc
    • Keith’s schooling and textbooks would be paid for
    • he could go to school part-time
    • he had to work in the cafeteria as a chef
  • Keith had to transfer to the public school because the University wouldn’t pay for public school
  • Keith is now 15, Shiro is now 20
  • Shiro had to sit down with Keith and tell him that he always had to be on his best behavior because CPS could rip them apart on a dime
  • that meant no fighting, no pissing off teachers, and absolutely no slacking off
  • Keith is constantly bullied at his new school
  • Shiro goes out with friends one night, they introduce him to a beautiful woman named Allura
  • they hit it off immediately
  • they go on their first day only a month after they meet
    • Shiro promises him he’ll be home early enough to make dinner
    • he isn’t
    • Keith is Really Upset
    • he goes to bed without eating
  • Shiro tries to make it up the next morning by making a huge breakfast
    • Keith has to go in early to help a kid with their physics homework
    • He leaves with a small tupperware of eggs and bacon
  • Shiro feels like guilty as fuck
  • when Keith comes home Shiro brings them over to the couch so he can apologize
    • he makes Keith chamomile tea with a tiny amount of honey and what Shiro thinks is way too much lemon, the exact way Keith likes it
    • Keith cries and tells him about all the shit the other kids did to him on an almost daily basis
    • Shiro cries with Keith as the dam finally breaks
    • Shiro feels like Absolute Shit and even more guilty for not knowing
  • months pass and things are slowly getting better
  • Shiro is 21, Keith is 16, Allura is 20
  • Allura and Shiro are the couple everyone despises
  • Keith and Allura are new bffs, even after a long time of Keith unwilling to open up to her
    • the kids at school are all in love with her and frightened to death of her after she scared the ever loving fuck out of a kid who pushed Keith down the stairs after school so they don’t fuck with him anymore
    • She also has anger issues, and works with him to help him work through it
  • Keith becomes really close with Hunk, Pidge, and Lance
    • he crushes hardcore on Lance
    • Lance is Oblivious as FUCK
    • Keith is also very good at hiding it
  • Allura has unofficially officially moved in with them
    • she stays there 3-4 days out of the week, and in her own apartment the rest
  • christmas is coming up
    • Shiro re-arranges their budget so he has enough money to buy Keith presents
    • he essentially gives up all his own wants
  • They have a kick ass christmas together, even though they didn’t get much for each other
  • Keith finds Shiro’s re-arranged budget
    • he sees all of their Needs and Wants written out
    • all of Shiro’s wants are crossed off, but none of Keith’s are
    • he immediately give up all the movies and lunches with Hunk, Pidge, and Lance
  • Shiro totally forgot Keith’s birthday is only 2 weeks after christmas
    • he doesn’t have enough money to buy him anything really
    • he’s so upset that he cries himself to sleep christmas night
  • Shiro scrounges up enough money to buy him a nice set of colored pencils to go with the adult coloring book Allura got him
    • Allura also gets him the lamp that casts stars all around the room when it’s lit up because Keith had been gushing about it for months
  • Shiro, yet again, feels like shit for not getting him worthwhile and cries in his bedroom
    • Keith hears him on his way to the bathroom
    • he just goes into is room and wraps Shiro in a huge hug
    • he tells him that he saw the budget and not to worry about anything and that they are in this together

so yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now. when I have my shit together, I’m probably gonna actually write this. I also took quite a bit out so that I could have some surprises, so if shit doesn’t make sense that’s why

every single scene of keith and lance being unnecessarily next to each other episode 3

(episode 1, 2)

literally 2 minutes in and i already had like 8 caps

 i love how it looks like hunk and shiro are staring at these two morons like “otp”

drag him keith

being disgusted together (: #relationshipgoals

i hate this. just fucking. sit next to each other. theres 2 other fucking chairs . jesus

hunk is like :) cant believe my cooking made klance canon :)

keith in the bg: >tfw ur crush walks away :(

keith is jealous 


after this theres a fight w voltron so i didnt cap any of the blue/red moments but there were a few. moving on

keith looks..really small??? i love him

ok thats it for episode 3 thanks for scrolling