Eastleigh Lakeside Railway Summer Gala 2015

Enjoy Edinburgh Fringe Festival vicariously via Instagram. Something for everyone and a good time to be had by all. To see a poignant post from St. Giles Cathedral, where a candlelight concert was presented by the National Choir of Scotland in memory of a former member who passed away this year:


//@p-aurisan​ with a LOOOT of great headcanons! i finally finished some of your headcanons haha some more will be coming soon!

The Tucker and McCormick family is pretty close indeed! Despite the kids, Twaig Tweak Tucker and Keith McCormick, constantly (and physically) fighting!

Karen: best babysitter 2k17

conspiracy theory: is Twaig Kennys kid??

skylieclearwater  asked:

((I haven't the faintest idea what I'm doing I'm dreading my overnight shift tonight aND I'M NUCKING FUTS)) Tucker was humming to himself. Contentedly sitting with the rest of the team at the table. Skylie was stalking him from in between bowls and cups. Out of the blue, she POWER SLAMMED into her brother whilst also screaming "I'm a hippo".

Siting as he ate Keith watched Skylie sneak up to her brother. Watching rather amused he smiled though not saying a word. Chuckling as she slammed into Tucker Keith patted his back. “Brought down by a hippo.”


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McCormicks are doing mighty fine despite Kenny being a single parent of his kid from an ex. Kenny is single and ready to mingle and that just leaves a lot of space to ship him with someone

Meanwhile, Karen sometimes end up babysitting both Twaig and Keith at the same time and BOI IS THAT NOT MIGHTY FINE

but twaig n keith are still friend of course, there will soon be posts about it winks at p-aurisan