‘Dope’, Rick Famuyiwa (2015)

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Malcolm Arakanbe. I’m a straight-A student with nearly perfect SAT scores. I play in a punk band with my friends and I’m a 90s hip hop geek.


Lakeith Stanfield as Darius in Atlanta (Episodes 1&2)

Darius exists in his own world; each of his exchanges are abnormally direct—“like Twitter,” Stanfield explains. In one scene, he greets a stranger at the door with a knife in one hand and, when he realizes he’s not a threat, offers up a cookie with the other. He’s not concerned with weirding anyone out. “I’m really similar to the character,” Stanfield says. “I exist in my own world no matter where I’m at or who I’m around. To me, it’s a paradise; it may look completely ridiculous to someone else.” x